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I have the navy 256, and it feels the same as the green travel bag I ordered at the same time. It now has been in use for just over a month, and is starting to soften up nicely.This photo is reasonably accurate regarding the color - probably a little bit too much green in it, but fairly close.
Brooks Brothers just emailed a code for 25% off through May 11th - FNFBB6. Appears to work on Filson items so thought you might like to know. Example: I have no affiliation to BB except as a satisfied customer. I bought a couple of Filson bags through them recently - at 20% off rather than 25% though
Navy 256. This photo looks closest to the colour in real life. Next to a green medium travel bag for reference.
My navy 256 arrived today. Looks great. Will try to get some decent photos up on Monday.
This may have been listed already but just in case, I'm seeing 20% discount (25% if you have a store card) at Brooks Brothers today and tomorrow, including Filson items. Just ordered an original briefcase and medium travel bag for $416 instead of $520, plus shipping.
I bought my first pair of 1Ks last week. I've worn them since but I'm worried by the creasing on the right boot - it looks completely different to the left. Is this kind of creasing normal or expected on these boots? I this likely to be indicative of weaker leather?
Quote: Originally Posted by M.D. The ones that I prefer are either Pierre Marcolini (shops: or Wittamer (only shops are in Belgium or Japan: However, when I think about it, the only chocolate for which I specifically make a detour everytime I'm visiting the seaside is The Chocolate Line in Bruges ( This is one of the three...
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