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LIFE With Steve McQueen: Photos of the King of Cool in 1963 Read more: Steve McQueen: Photos of the King of Cool, 1963 |  
Please keep your nationalist ravings for another site The people of Scotland have spoken We are all UK citizens like it or not
Top Class the old Barathea jacket wore one to start secondary school
Our  Queen would never say" Mad Jock" Herself  being of Scottish Heritage
Tis is me and my boy getting ready for his Graduation on Wednesday
Just got a pair although I had to send them back as I ordered a size bigger than I needed  .These fit true to size not like JTG  slim fit  They are exactly like I remember sta-pres /eva press and seem to be a little wider maybe 8 1/2 " but the quality is the best that I have came across in 20 years of chasing a decent pair of sta press
No I can't for the death of me remember but it was tied in with a motor bike ride and getting promotion and a new uniform made as it could be tailored as it was an officers rank but the hat was not ready yet . Also mentioned he  was going to meet his brother  and something about the gloves that they are wearing .But again I read constantly and might got two books or articles mixed up
You must have a book published .I know the story behind this photograph .Or else you have told it on another web page a few years ago
Dr marten restoration cream found on Ebay works wonders .
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