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Ok, I'd recommend a watch made in Germany then. Look at the Stowa Marine original, or the Sinn 556. You get more bang for your buck, if you fancy a chrono, look at Guinand watches.
  Hmm, so you feel that Swiss Made is better than the watches that are made in Germany (especially given that the requirements for 'Swiss Made' are quite low indeed)?  Also, given that you can change a bridge and qualify as 'in-house' then that really means nothing either.  Also, few watch companies have the true claim to their history (did you know that Breitling in it's current form is only about 30 years old, and that Sinn and Ollech and Wajs make Breitling Navitimers...
The first one of those options, does the brand matter that much to you?   The reason I ask is that there other options about that price point.  Look at Jura Watches for some ideas :)
    Cheers, have amended all now! 8)
I'll play! :                  
For your budget, the Tissot Visodate which is a versatile reissue of a classic. If you have issues with case height in any watch, use chain link cufflinks with double cuffs. Also, there are plenty of expensive quartz watches; the movement is only part of the worth of the watch. It's like saying that an English bench-made shoe is overpriced when you can get an Indian made shoe for cheaper. Another point to consider is that automatics will run about +10 secs/day fast...
Hi folks,   I'm Des from the UK, into watches (Bremont a favourite), fountain pens (Pelikan) and shoes (just got into Loake and Cheaney).  Relaly registered as I've been reading the forum over the past week, but am looking to get into fashion made in the UK that fits a 6'8" frame! :)
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