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  Thanks, that's what I suspected; but it's good to get this opinion given that I've just came into this arena.
  Thanks, the key I guess is if it will make any material difference to the heels and the wearing of the shoes?  I pronate, so the wear is on the other side, if it's not going to make a mechanical difference to my walking or cause the sole to come away due to the heads of the tacks being there, then that's ok.
Thanks, looking some more, the issue is with the polishing of the heel on the right shoe.  The heads of the nails have been polished off.     Which is different from the one on the left shoe.    
Ok, so I just got a pair of Loake 1880 brogues which are superb but the heel on the right one is about 2-3mm on the inside compared to outside. The outside of the heel is fine, and match the left shoe which is fine but is this within tolerance for a bench-made shoe? If not, should I send back or ask for a free refurb from the seller (Pediwear)?
I have the opposite question, is there anything wrong with not applying polish to the holes? The reason is ask is that the larger holes are exposing a proportion of leather that will never get the same amount of cream and polish that the rest of the leather gets. Obviously, we all wish to keep the holes empty, but it's something I've wondered.
As per the title, who makes Barker and Loake polish?
  Dzięki, ale mam na myśli wosku buty, a nie z porady Polak! ;)
OK, so I have the nice shoes (Loake 1880 and Cheqaney 125) and I've used Collonil premium lotion on them (applied with a cloth).  I've ordered Saphir Médaille d'Or Pommadier Cream and have read that you're supposed to alternate between the pate de luxe and the cream.  The question is this, I got Barker wax polish from Pediwear when I got the Loakes, so do I need to buy the pate de lux to alternate, or should the Barker wax polish be of sufficent quality to alternate with...
  I'd also look at the Speedbird Ivory dial, by Timefactors.
I'd take a look at Shiption and Heanage and Herring Shoes, as their own brands are made by the other brands.  Pediwear also have a discounted shoes at present, all three allow you search by size and fit so you should find something you like.
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