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Just got a nice pair of Clarks DB in Amber Gold.  I had to size down from my normal size (I'm an 11.5 in F, but the 11 in an F was fine), but the Euro size is what I normally have.  The sizing is weird! :(
I agree, if I'd been told that I could have had toe plates fitted and they'd still have refurb'd the shoes and the correct level of wear before sending back then I'd not have sent any back for refurb yet either. Ah well, you live and learn!
You answered the right question It makes sense that they can only do the refurb a limited number of times, just a shame they don't state that anywhere.
I've just read that some manufacturers limit the amount of times that their shoes can be resoled by them (Church's are apparently four times and Barker three). Is this true, given that I can't find a manufacturer that states this publicly? If so, does anyone know why and are some manufacturers better than others in this regard?
 Wholly agree, from my experience Herring's customer service is second to none! 8)
I'm looking to get a harris tweed coat made for me (being 6'8" pretty influences my decision there!).  I'm likely going to have to do this online, so has anyone got any experiences with the tailors offering online services in the UK?  I do want the coat to be made in the UK, and I'm budgeting for up to £400.   I'd really welcome any thoughts.
I'm 6'8" and can still ind some stuff to fit although my height comes from my legs so its a pain to get clothes to fit. I get my shirts from Charles Thyrwitt (38" sleeve), my jeans from Hiut Denim (custom fit as I have 39" legs) although I only have 11.5 in shoes. In the states, you appear to have so much more choice; JC Penny is a good start for Dockers (which they won't sell to me over here), and there appears to be more choice over the pond in general, with the average...
Not a bad choice, you asked about Stowa earlier. I rate them with Mühle I'm terms of quality and you could look at the Marine Original, or an even better choice is Wempe (a Zeitmeister is a great option).
Cheaney stores in Lime St and Bow St are running sales at present with some decent deals.
Both are independent, with unique styling. IIRC the Sinn's use an elabore grade ETA-2824 automatic movement, whereas the Oris uses a Sellita. Both are pretty much the same VFM proposition, so go with what floats your boat as a watch should make you, and not someone else, smile. Personally, I'd go with the Sinn as I prefer pilot style watches but YMMV.
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