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Towel is the way to go, since you always carry one with you! ;)
I´d say it depends on the condiotion of the shoe. If it´s prevously well polished it will be only a few minutes per shoe.   If you need to strip the old polish first you are looking at 1-2 hours work.  
I´m considering getting me a pair of Carminas "Rain" last. Anyone know what my size should be if im a size 7E on c&j last 224 & 365   cheers!  
Heard it helps to boil an old cotton t-shirt a few times first. Any merit to that?  
I agree. Suede is so very easy to clean. I never use spray on my suede shoes. 5 min cleaning with saphirs multicleaner ever few months will do the trick..... look brand new after.  
In sweden all the retailstores has the exact same pricing. On some models i´ll save around 100euro if i order from the UK.   I´ll continue to do so until the stores in sweden lower their prices......  
C&J Islay Will do nicely for the swedish winter...
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