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Does anyone know H Baroman's current price range for a suit?
Bingo. I'll have to try to pull it off as best I can. Thanks for the suggestion.
Can anyone suggest a pocket square to go with a light grey suit and mint green tie? Both are solid and light so I'm hoping to add something that will make the outfit look less bland. Edit: shirt is white
I thought 36S was online only. Where did you see it?
It's cold. I want sweaters too.
From my experience N&F is pretty slim, especially the arms. Who makes a slim shirt with shorter lengths, other than BoO?
I am prone to diapering with most brands. Can anyone recommend something with a lower back rise AND a leg opening closer to 8.5" on a 30x30?
Looks nice. Keep it and buy the other thing anyway.
Casual pants with slight stretch in waist. Bought these off another member but they're a bit big for me. Size is M. Unworn. waist - 15.5" inseam - 30.5" front rise: 12.5" hem: 9.5" $50 shipped Canada/CONUS
Wish these fit me.
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