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He's too busy wood chipping tax codes for the neck beard vote to run a campaign.
Rand is the only Republican I could conceivably vote for. Too bad he has no chance.
No, because it'd clearly be a trap.
That sound like a Zerg upgrade in Starcraft.
I know one woman who is a big fan of hers. She teaches seminars mixing yoga with "manifestation", which sounds like sound sort of new age Paolo Coelho bullshit, so she fits in with Perry's demographic.
It fit the neocons' world view of democracy being spread throughout the Middle East on a wave of American exceptionalism. Plus Saddam tried to assassinate Bush Sr.
http://www.wsbtv.com/news/news/local/neighbors-upset-over-show-force-dekalb-shooting-in/nnWgD/ Cops responded to a call of a suspicious person, entered the wrong home, shot and killed the owner's dog, shot the owner, then shot each other.
Europe has anything but free speech.Look at all your terrible hate speech laws.
The XD's firing pin is fully cocked upon chambering a round, making it a single action pistol according to IDPA's rule book..
It's been awhile, but I was a fairly consistent IDPA participant for a number of years. I was only a point or so off Master in the ESP division. At the time I shot with a Springfield XD which I feel is unfairly placed there. If I was in with the other wonder 9's in the SSP division, I would have ranked Master.
New Posts  All Forums: