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You need the sound on this one.
Whiskey Junction, right? Solid place if you want to listen to some local blues bands.My neighborhood went 56.6% for Sanders.
From what I can tell, Josh is supposed to be there for all shows except for the festival stops at the end of the tour.
I'm excited to see them live in just over a month. As the passing of Bowie and Lemmy show, our rock gods of yesteryear might not be here for that much longer.
Christie just endorsed Trump.
From the same speech:
I could never trust a teetotaler. If he'd been to rehab, I could understand. But abstaining due to personal choice? Never.
I had the same experience. Someone recommended the Eccleston season to me.I can't imagine why someone would think that idiotic mannequin episode would be a good way to introduce someone to Doctor Who.
http://www.standard.net/Courts/2016/02/14/Man-who-died-in-Box-Elder-jail-was-there-for-not-paying-a-debtUnless you're in Utah. Yes, it was over ignoring a bench warrant, but it all stemmed from an unpaid ambulance bill.
I'm just waiting to see when he throws out the idea that one of them is a pigfucker to complete the LBJ-style smear tactics.
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