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So many X Com operatives dead and wounded right now. Not sure I'll be able to pull it off in time to stop the alien victory. I'm not even playing Iron Man yet either though I haven't save scummed yet except for once or twice when damn near all my squad got wiped out.
I finished episode 7 last night. I'm a fan, but then again I also really enjoy the book series the show is based on. Probably some of my favorite space opera of recent memory.
This election would be awesome if it didn't determine the President of the United States.
Anecdotal account: my uncle helped run the Perot campaign in a fairly major sized city back in 92. I recall visiting and having his memorabilia and what not all over the house that year. Now he's a hardcore teaparty Republican though that label seems less important this election cycle than the last few. I haven't seen him in awhile, but there's no doubt in my mind he's a Trump fan. My predictions: Bernie by at least 10. It's his backyard and Clinton hasn't done anything...
Perot topped out at 19% of the popular vote in 1992. I think you're right that Bloomberg wouldn't even get close to that. I fail to see what his appeal would be to large swaths of the country. The electoral college is essentially rigged for a two party system. No way an independent ever wins the White House.
Me too. It's one of my favorite modern action series, minus the Matt Damon-less one that is. That one was terrible.
It honestly looked like a brain fart to me, that momentary freeze before he dove for it has all the hallmarks of one. Cam hasn't shied away from physical contact at any point of his career. His rushing stats speak for themselves in that arena. As for his press conference, the guy just lost the biggest game of his career. This is the pinnacle of what he's striven for since he first touched a football and he got entirely manhandled by the Broncos' D (props to Von Miller for...
XCOM 2 drops at midnight. I can't wait to tearfully mourn my favorite soldiers when they die after missing a 99% shot.
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Gave up on the idea of Trump's wall already?
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