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Jesus Christ that article was horrible. A 3-year old could fire an AR-15 without sustaining bruises from the recoil; it's one of the softest recoiling modern rifles out there.
http://www.orlandosentinel.com/news/pulse-orlando-nightclub-shooting/os-orlando-nightclub-omar-mateen-profile-20160613-story.htmlIt's looking clear that he hated gays so much because he was closeted.
Just buy a stripped lower and deal with the rest later. That's the only part that's technically considered a firearm by the feds anyway. Even with an AR-15 ban, you'll be fine to complete your build at your continued molasses pace.
I feel like I've been hearing about this AR-15 of yours for years. You're telling me you haven't managed to cobble together one by now? You could have fabricated one by hand at this point with all the time you've taken deciding on parts.
Jesus fucking Christ. I'd say I'm surprised, but I'm not.
Found the DSL40 with a Creamback already in it from Sweetwater for a good price for a demo unit. It's on it's way here.
I've been on the hunt for a Marshall in the box pedal lately. I just played a friend's Marshall DSL40c with an upgraded speaker (Creamback I think), and well, looks like I'll just go for the amp instead. That's the sound I've been searching for so no reason to settle for half measures.
When I walk into a coffee shop and their regular coffee is a $5 ceramic pour over monstrosity, that establishment serves as a defacto wall and I know I need go no further into the neighborhood unless I want quinoa or free trade, gluten free clothes for a dog.I present to you, "The Crack Stacks."Predominately Somali residents in a neighborhood that's been dubbed Little Mogadishu.I frequently see bands at a music venue right next door. I've yet to encounter a sharia patrol...
That's not a good looking taco bowl.
I wonder if Trump takes public financing. He doesn't exactly have a robust fundraising operation in effect at the moment.
New Posts  All Forums: