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As for what I thought of this movie: awesome. I was enthralled the entire time. It was a basically a remake/homage to ANH, but I think that was a smart idea by JJ Abrams. I loved the original trilogy growing up but I don't think I've seen them since the prequels came out as those left such a bad taste in my mouth. TFA entirely reboots the feeling of the franchise and let's fans know that yes, this is motherfucking Star Wars.
I never liked Ewoks but I accepted them as a small fault in an otherwise masterful original trilogy. It wasn't until the prequels came out and I saw them as the first sign that Lucas left to his own ideas was a moron only interested in toys and CGI. Now I hate them.
The Steam winter sale just started. Just in time for my new PC once all the components get here in a few days.
Doooooo it. I play this damn near everyday. Got it for only $800 also.
I believe I saw it on reddit in a thread about what would happen if the new SW movie was terrible. The originator (as far as I know) said we should all call him that. The Hail Mary play from a different angle. Look at the height on that ball.
I never said it was a face mask. I just said in real time it had all the signs of it looking like a face mask. Refs don't have slow mo replay.
In real time it did. His head twisted and he ended up with his chin strap up around his eyes. Yes, in slow mo it was an eh call, but in real time with how they protect QBs, he's going to get the call.
A wedding gift from way back in the late-70's from my uncle according to the note wrapped around the bottle. They wouldn't have remembered otherwise. It seemed to be stored properly from what I could tell.I was set to open it and enjoy tomorrow but I think I might have to wait for a slightly more special occasion.
I'm back at my parent's home for Thanksgiving and dug around the basement for some old things of mine. While doing so, I found this. My parents don't drink and just told me to take it. Happy Thanksgiving to me.
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