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Isn't there a company out there that's 3D printing MTM sweaters? I forget the name of it.
Bert's Mihara jacket is ridiculously sick.
Now I wonder when Reggie Bush started beating his infant daughter. "Stop crying! You're only teething, you brat!" *wap* *wap* *wap*
That idiot cop had some type of semi auto. Revolver DAO triggers are a whole different ball game. A standard Glock trigger pull weight is something like 5-6 pounds while my 642 has a 12. You'd have to be a special kind of moron to accidentally discharge that. Rent one at the range and you'll see what I'm talking about. I can't think of a single revolver that actually has a safety on it.
Nope. The simplicity of it is the major selling point. The double action trigger is safety enough.
The 642 is the gold standard of snubbies. I have one that I like well enough for the purpose. I don't find DAO J-frames to be that fun to shoot in general (though they are helped by a good trigger job), but I know it'll work every time I need it to work so I always make sure to get a few rounds through it when I get to the range. Whatever you do, go hammerless. Protruding hammers are too likely to snag in your pocket by all accounts.
+1000These are the two I usually use:The Maille I find a bit mellower while the Fallot is spicier.
Subway is disgusting. Every single location I've been to smells like a hospital with a hefty dose of yeast.
He's not the next Brady, but at this point he's certainly better than RGIII.
All the moral outrage by these former degenerate cokeheads, meatheads, and alleged murderers is laughable.
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