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I could never trust a teetotaler. If he'd been to rehab, I could understand. But abstaining due to personal choice? Never.
I had the same experience. Someone recommended the Eccleston season to me.I can't imagine why someone would think that idiotic mannequin episode would be a good way to introduce someone to Doctor Who.
http://www.standard.net/Courts/2016/02/14/Man-who-died-in-Box-Elder-jail-was-there-for-not-paying-a-debtUnless you're in Utah. Yes, it was over ignoring a bench warrant, but it all stemmed from an unpaid ambulance bill.
I'm just waiting to see when he throws out the idea that one of them is a pigfucker to complete the LBJ-style smear tactics.
She had a pivotal role in one of my favorite childhood movies, The Last Dragon, thus I had a huge crush on her. RIP.Also RIP to Umberto Eco.
I'd prefer my President to have a jawline. Not just the barest hint of a chin hidden among a copious amount of neck blubber.
What government has shown they won't abuse technological exploits at every opportunity? Certainly not the US.
I agree there is a definite lack of class from certain people following the death of Scalia, but posts from random Twitter accounts with 3 followers don't mean anything in the broader scheme of things.
McCain was born in Panama also. When will we finally have true Americans run for President?
I was planning on playing Iron Man once I got my bearings, but I think I'll have to wait until I download a few mods. There's quite a few timed missions that would be brutal on Iron Man. Adding only a few more turns would make it much more survivable for my poor operatives.
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