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I don't see how it's not legal to assault Scott Stapp freely.
Remember the covers from DoFP? Those were awful also.
I lost it at the "I have reason to believe... that crime is afoot."
Supposedly, yes. Apparently the trips of DMT and 5-MeO are rather different. I've never taken the former so I can't say from personal experience.I did see/feel/envision oppressive beings in the K-hole though with directly led to my decision to cease experimentation with hallucinogens
No elves for me, but I did dissolve into a monochromatic dreamscape version of the universe, so there is that.
One of my first online purchases was for an analogue of DMT (5-MeO DMT) from a chemical supply warehouse. It was then I knew the true power of the Internet.
Not very feasible. There's all sorts of rules and regulations about being on the ballot in certain states. I know Texas specifically has a lot of onerous restrictions in place.
Jennifer Lawrence & Friends. Looks super CGIed but I also thought DoFP looked like steaming dog shit from the trailers, so I might have to withhold judgment on this.
People never seem to believe me when I tell them that America is the safest it's been since the '60's. Not to mention not having to worry about the Soviets lobbing ICBM's at us anymore.
https://www.instagram.com/p/BDBS8bYGhWr/ Trump's new ad going after Hillary. Savage.
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