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http://www.fresnobee.com/news/local/crime/article88000527.htmlLook at these brave officers executing a person laying on the ground unarmed.Even if he was making "threatening motions" with his hands, he had already been shot twice and seemingly incapacitated, it would have been child's play to take him into custody at that point.
http://www.kare11.com/mb/news/police-scanner-audio-1/267042738Looks like Castile was pulled over for DWB, not a broken tail light as previously stated.
https://streamable.com/pgpbWarning: it appears to show a cop getting killed.
The video I saw of the shooting had the shooter maneuvering at street level and engaging cops at point blank range also, hardly the work of a sniper.
You left off the "Thanks, Obama!", Pennglock.
Shots fired at #blacklivesmattertx March @dallasnews pic.twitter.com/2TqIQgkXVm— DMN Photo (@dallasnewsphoto) July 8, 2016Video shows that guy walking around the crowd shortly after the shooting. I doubt if he was the shooter he'd have been relaxing like he is in this video.
Dallas police chief Brown confirms 10 officers shot; 3 of them dead, 2 in surgery, 3 in critical condition— BNO News (@BNONews) July 8, 2016
Keys being tossed could be interpreted as you throwing away key evidence of whatever. Drugs, guns, child porn, WMD, etc.Expect to be shot and handcuffed at that point.
Hands on the steering wheel, interior dome light on. I'd rather the cop not draw down on me and pull me out of my car because he saw me rummaging around for something.It's a sad state of affairs that I even have to do that much to prevent the possibility of getting shot by the police. I shouldn't have to do anything to alleviate the fears of these cowards.
New Posts  All Forums: