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So now it comes out that these emails weren't sent from Clinton and weren't from her private server. Okay then...
Diamond Joe is a national treasure.
I'm glad to see the ubiquitous "stop resisting!" demand.
I'm into it.RIP my social life for quite awhile.
Roasting the other candidate is sort of the point of that dinner.That Statue of Liberty is a 4 line was legit hilarious.
#TrumpBookReports is a hilarious hashtag.
As far as his debate performance winning him the primaries, . Yes, he commandeered those debates but none of them were game changers beyond him labelling Jeb "low energy". But just look at this: http://www.nytimes.com/2016/03/16/upshot/measuring-donald-trumps-mammoth-advantage-in-free-media.html He dominated the media. No one facing him was even close in free coverage. Why do you think he was able to have such a base of core supporters? He didn't advertise, he didn't...
Hillary has been under the media spotlight since Bill's administration. All her scandals are old news at this point. Yes, new information about them has been trickling out but it's nothing more than further detail on things we already know. She's secretive, cagey, and a liar. Everyone knows this. But you'll never find her outright saying these things in public and sticking her foot in her mouth like Trump has.Ratings are what the media are after. What sells more ad space,...
Trump has only been as successful as he has been thus far in this election due to the media. Do you think he'd have been able to have almost zero ad buys and zero ground game and won the Republican nomination if he had received the same amount of media coverage as other candidates? Absolutely not. He's a media whore. Demanding that the media treat him as anything but the spectacle he is is entirely disingenuous as it's the only reason for his success in the first place.
The difference in waiting times between my precinct (affluent also) and my friends' who live in poorer or more minority heavy areas is hilariously sad. I can typically walk right into the voting booth without waiting, at worst when I showed up in 2008 right after work it was like a 4-5 minute wait.
New Posts  All Forums: