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I quite literally worked out right before dinner. It was my heavy leg day also, so I had use for the calories at that point.
I typically don't bother with steak when going out to eat but I had a client dinner last night and he insisted on getting Japanese A5 Wagyu steaks. My lord that was delicious. We washed it down with copious amount of William Larue Weller bourbon also.
You're fat though. You're blubbered up like a baby seal. Of course you didn't get cold. When I was fat I was never cold either.
A thin down vest works wonders under top coats on those insanely cold days. Uniqlo even has one without a collar so it hides rather conveniently beneath a top coat and scarf.
The only things I ever got done when doing cocaine were more cocaine, drinking copious amounts of booze, chain smoking, and potentially unsafe sexual acts.
I've always wondered why French food items said in the proper accent always sound douchey, yet when it comes to other cuisines, say Mexican, you'd sound like an uneducated rube if you didn't pronounce them properly. Imagine an idiot saying jalapeno with a hard J, or tortilla with an actual L sound instead of the -ya.
The most exciting part about the TdF is that this quite good local French restaurant is having different special burgers depending on what region of France they're in.
That's exactly what I'm planning to do. I'll spend at the very least the first season getting a feel for the teams as a whole before I start narrowing it down.
As I thought, looks like I'll have to find a team among the EPL. I can't exactly be a fan of a team I can't watch on a regular basis.
What league is easiest to watch in the US? I heard the Premier League is broadcast on NBC Sports, but what about the others?
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