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I'm not entirely sure your goal line scenario is correct. Everything I've read makes it clear that absent that "football move" (which is entirely subjective), the receiver has to control the ball coming to the ground regardless of where it occurs. I've seen plenty of occurrences where a player loses control of the ball when reaching for the pylon and is awarded a TD, but that act of reaching is a football move hence he has complete control of the ball.This is one of those...
The Megatron play a few years back that introduced everyone to this rule occurred in the end zone. In fact, it looked almost exactly like the Dez play.Here's that play: http://www.nfl.com/videos/nfl-game-highlights/09000d5d81a77070/Controversial-call-on-Megatron-non-TDTwo feet, a knee and an elbow down, also a slight lunge on the end.
In the end, this is all that matters about that game.
I think the game plan first half called for protecting Rodgers and planning on pocket passing being enough to win. At half time they realized it wouldn't cut it and risked his calf for more movement in the pocket.
He'll go down as one of the best regular season QBs ever.
I'd agree with that. I watched it a few months back and was rather bored by it all.
Just finished the second season of Peaky Blinders last night. It's a thoroughly fantastic show.
He's suspended from all team activities (including going to the game) for the week, so I'd assume so.
That cheap shot asshole Suh is suspended for 1 game.
If JJ doesn't get it, they should call it the Most Valuable Quarterback award. In today's game, the QB position will always be the most valuable on the team.
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