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If those are solo sessions, that's a decent price. It's around the going rate for boxing coaches I've trained with.
I'd say he's more in the 10-15 range than the top 10.
The temperature on Sunday in Green Bay is predicted to be a high of 0 with a low of -18. Lambeau is doing it's part to live up to it's Frozen Tundra moniker.
I like Cutler on the Bears. He's 1-9 against the Packers, a record which suits me just fine.
Seems about right. I generally make weekly liquor store visits and I didn't see a single bottle of BTAC or Pappy anywhere.
The hype behind these limited releases is enough to make me want to swear them off completely.
There's a huge genre of dinosaur erotica out there. I discovered it sometime earlier this year.
They're actually playing at Lambeau.
Not if they can't even beat the Chiefs' backup team.
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