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I saw the list of celebs and I have no idea who all but a handful of them are. I like how it all stems from those celebs having shitty passwords also, not any clever hacking scheme. I'm a nobody and even I use two factor authentication for anything private like that. Protip: if you're one of those social media loving types like most millennials, your security questions are a joke to guess. It's best to use something random. I remember for this one financial site when the...
Multiple concussions in a year must give you bonus points in your league.
I remember back when I smoked pot in high school how paranoid we would be about where we smoked. We'd find some out of the way street, alley, or country road to toke up and carefully stash everything if we saw someone coming. Now my friends that still smoke have no qualms about lighting up while casually strolling down the sidewalk during the middle of the day.
I have strong favorable opinions on these.
+1Ever since he was diagnosed and has taken measures to control it, he's been an exemplary player.
Build up your farm's defenses and launch attacks at your neighbors' dairy cows?
The all time worst name is Farm Tactics.Poeme Bohemian is a close second though.
The summer time is for the least amount of clothing possible. At that point, fashion becomes rather superfluous.
Despite liking the fit of the jeans, I can't really mess with 3sixteen due to the religious connotations.
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