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I never liked Ewoks but I accepted them as a small fault in an otherwise masterful original trilogy. It wasn't until the prequels came out and I saw them as the first sign that Lucas left to his own ideas was a moron only interested in toys and CGI. Now I hate them.
The Steam winter sale just started. Just in time for my new PC once all the components get here in a few days.
You should see the abomination that ensues when Japanese people make "western" food. That bootleg chicken parmesan you described would look like fine dining in comparison.
The debate lasted, what, 2 hours? I got drunk so I didn't watch most of it. Not being able to hold it for such a short period is not a good sign.
She couldn't pee during a commercial break? Yikes.
http://www.ocweekly.com/news/new-video-footage-shows-noel-aguilar-shot-from-behind-by-la-county-sheriff-deputy-in-long-beach-6844726TLDR: Officers struggle with someone they're trying to arrest, one cop shoots the other, they blame the suspect, then execute him.If you look at the 1:32 mark of the video, it looks like a gun, the one they're probably trying to pass off as Aguilar's, comes from the officer's waistband. Even if it wasn't planted, the cops at least knew that...
Doooooo it. I play this damn near everyday. Got it for only $800 also.
I don't think I ever saw my grandmother on the Latvian side outside without a scarf over her hair.
That's from a Balitmore Sun reporter from just after the mistrial was declared. Any of you international maritime lawyers care to comment on "privately public" land?
Cruz's message: I will say "radical fundamentalist Islam" over and over while carpet bombing the Middle East.
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