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Holy S***RT @JaredWyand: WATCH: Ted Cruz's pastor calls for execution of gays minutes before introducing himhttps://t.co/FkF74XXWrQ— Sarah Spain (@SarahSpain) March 11, 2016 Cruz's pastor sounds incredibly unhinged. Obama was forced to distance himself from Jeremiah Wright, will Cruz have to do so with this lunatic?
Same here actually. I'm fairly ignorant of modern metal but a friend who is into that genre invited me along and all has been well since.
I saw these guys randomly a few months back. They're just as heavy in person.
I'm almost positive Trump scheduled that Chicago rally precisely to have a large number of protesters. Why else would he pick an arena on a college campus on the West side of Chicago? With the Ohio and Florida primaries coming up on Tuesday, he's assured the media talks about nothing but him all weekend long.
In all fairness, the three seashells are rather opaque in function.
I sincerely apologize. I meant no offense. Some of my best friends are Wisconsinites! I shall repent by going on a fact finding tour of both inner city America and the cheese-soaked fields of Wisconsin.
The eagle iconography is clear Roman Empire cultural appropriation and the helmet design is arguably stolen from the Napoleonic French-era's cultural heritage.
I saw them last night in concert. It was excellent.
About half the money spent on tonight's four GOP contests spent by Rubio & his superpacs. May net him absolutely zero.— Steve Deace (@SteveDeaceShow) March 9, 2016 GOP Super PACs are coming up entirely empty this election cycle.
Congressmen's living arrangements in DC can be downright hilarious. I've read multiple accounts of them living together that make it seem like they're nothing but old frat boys.
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