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He was being tested for alcohol because of a DUI arrest. While the NFL is an incredibly hypocritical organization, I can't feel bad for Gordon as he knew exactly what he was required to do to comply with the league's substance abuse policies.
http://www.reddit.com/r/tolkienfans/comments/2subbe/i_have_recut_pjs_hobbit_trilogy_into_a_single/Hm.... I'm intrigued. Unfortunately the resolution quality is pretty low so I'd have problems watching it. Hopefully once Five Armies is out on Bluray, a better quality version will be released.
Those private selections are my favorite commonly available bourbons. It'd be a shame if those began to be harder to find also.
He did it with total fumbles also a little further down at the link and came up with similar results.
http://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/blog/?p=2932Much more data analysis at the link.
I haven't really bought anything in months now because of that.And, well, I've been spending all my money on trips.
What a shitty fucking 2nd half game plan by McCarthy. Way to just sit on a lead you fat disappointment.
This is why you don't play it fucking safe in the goddamn playoffs. Son of a bitch.
I'm disappointed the Packers weren't able to put the Seahawks away in the first half. They had so many opportunities but took their foot off Seattle's throat. Hopefully they made some halftime adjustments on offense and they pick it up like they did against Dallas last week.
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