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Just picked up Homeworld Remastered and Hotline Miami 2. Now I'm wondering what other dozen games I'm liable to pick up during this sale that I'll rarely if ever play.
I got off work a little early so I'm about to watch this. Full movie at the link:
The boobs were alright I guess.
A very enjoyable movie. A tongue-in-cheek take on old school Bond movies with the gratuitous, somewhat comical violence as seen in Kick Ass. Would recommend for lighthearted entertainment.
The worst part of that episode wasn't the rape scene, it was that horrible fight between Jaime and Bronn, and the Sand Sisters or whatever they're called. They look like LARPers. "Fireball! Fireball! Fireball!"
Why are all these sensitive flowers even watching GoT? Heinous, reprehensible things happen all the time in this show. I bet these same asses cheered when the cowardly former Lord of the City Watch was decapitated by Jon Snow or watched Joffrey slowly die from poison. I know it's not seen this way in the tumblr world, but murder is still worse to me than rape.
Cersei has always been a moron. She just had her family to back her up before so she got away with all her stupid shenanigans.
That's definitely up there for me also. I had very little idea of what I was getting myself into when I first rented it, but it had me by the balls from the opening sequence in the tea house.If you want fantastic modern action movies that I think can hold up to that quality, watch "The Raid" movies, especially the second one.
Thumbs up to what appears to be Wakanada.
Crossbones looks pretty cool.
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