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Seems about right. I generally make weekly liquor store visits and I didn't see a single bottle of BTAC or Pappy anywhere.
The hype behind these limited releases is enough to make me want to swear them off completely.
There's a huge genre of dinosaur erotica out there. I discovered it sometime earlier this year.
They're actually playing at Lambeau.
Not if they can't even beat the Chiefs' backup team.
to Rodgers being back.
That seems odd to me, especially since many bourbons have a distinct rye taste to them. What kinds have your tried?
It prevents someone from grabbing you by the shirt and using it as leverage. Think of hockey fights where jerseys get pulled up over the player's head.
My favorite commonly available wheater is a blend actually. Old Weller Antique combined with Weller 12. I'm still messing with the proportions, but I currently have 60% OWA to 40% W12 sitting in a bottle that's quite nice. I learned about it from www.straightbourbon.com where the vatting is it's eponymous blend. As a whole though, I prefer bourbons with a higher rye content, so wheaters tend to get short shrift with me.
New Posts  All Forums: