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It was a foregone conclusion. I arranged to work from home this afternoon on the very real chance protesters decide to shut down the major throughways in the city.
I think it's pretty clear Snyder is incapable of making a movie with any emotional impact. The closest he's come is 300 and that he was able to lift directly off the graphic novel's page, so he didn't need to invent any of the story line. And even though Watchmen was shot well (also due to it being lifted straight from the page), it suffered from a similar dourness that these Superman movies have.
I just realized something about Batman v Superman [[SPOILER]]
Sorry to detract from the political battles of this year, but I found this fascinating:http://www.sciencemag.org/news/2016/03/slaughter-bridge-uncovering-colossal-bronze-age-battleWay more at the link.
I'm getting very rapey vibes from his smile and laugh at the end.Perhaps all the gun powder residue left on that barrel affected his brain.
Trump's statement.
Seeing it Monday. I'm interested to see the eventual R-rated Director's Cut also. I wonder if the additional footage will help with the reported editing/pacing problems or if it'll just be even more bloated.
That's the most major issue I have with this story. The man is a disgusting physical specimen.
Seems like a hugely dangerous move with a potential libel lawsuit if there's no evidence there. Don't forget the NE broke the John Edwards infidelity story.
I'm fairly certain part of standard operating procedure is to yell out "stop resisting!" when arresting someone. This way later on they can claim, "look, he's resisting!" because cops' statements are sacrosanct despite no evidence otherwise.
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