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Suh is such a dirty piece of shit. But thumbs up to the Packers retaining their NFC North title. It'd just feel wrong with another team up there.
I used to drink it. I didn't get a bottle this year or last though. At this point, as much as I'm ashamed to admit it, I'd probably flip it with the ridiculous prices it gets on the secondary market. If it was my favorite bourbon I'd keep it, but it's not, so I'd have to take the money.
The 15 over the last few years has always been my favorite also. A little better than the 20 and far superior to the 23, which is entirely over oaked in my opinion.
Peanut butter always works for me also, but you have to use the hair trigger modification to make best use for it. I make sure to fill that little curled end part with it also, so even if they do manage to lick a small amount off, once they get greedy their heads get crushed.
The best mouse traps are still the old school snapping ones. They're not sensitive enough right off the shelf though. Take some pliers and bend the trigger just a touch more to give it a hair trigger. Find out where the mice come from, probably the heating vent or some other tiny hole, and line them up so the trap is flush against the wall in a perpendicular fashion, with the trigger on the wall side. Those assholes will die.
You mean the Drew Brees from today's game against Carolina, right?
I have Act 2.3 which is pretty damn good. If you like port finishes I can't imagine you not liking it.
The 10 is tasty and reasonably priced for the quality of malt.
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