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What league is easiest to watch in the US? I heard the Premier League is broadcast on NBC Sports, but what about the others?
This ref is horrible.
at Brazil.
Mother Nature decided to have mercy on Brazilians in Rio and apparently knocked out the power there at the start of the game.
It's a shame we waited this long to actually try to score goals.
ZFor all the talk about him being one of the best US players, he really hasn't done much this World Cup.
Tim Howard's legs are the MVP of our team.
I'll second the State of Decay recommendation. The game was cause for the first rage quit I've had since I was a kid when my main man Marcus was eaten. It still pains my soul.
I keep on kopping vacations and associated items rather than clothing. I don't believe I've gotten anything more impressive than new T shirts for several months. With warm weather approaching, I can't see this changing. Excuse me while I go fondle my new Armada AKJJ's and Look Pivots that I won't be able to use until next winter.
New Posts  All Forums: