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The AirPods are a total fail for me. 5 hour battery life doesn't cut it for me. I use my headphones extensively while traveling and that often times takes longer than 5 hours. I'm not carrying multiple sets around. Plus if they really do feel like the standard Apple earbuds, I can't see buying them at all. Those don't fit me particularly well and the sound quality was always shit on them.
He's pledged $1 million of his salary this year to community organizations. I'm not sure if he's stated which organizations exactly will receive this money though.
I've felt too bad due to Teddy's knee disintegration to make fun of my friends that are Vikings fans lately, but that's over now. Wtfffffff. Why would anyone do that? Hahaha
Agreed. My brother spent last Christmas at Killington and I thought it'd be nice to maybe have a little family Christmas get together there. Nope. Absurd flight prices.Thanks for your War on Christmas, Vermont.
Bad scene. Bridgewater down in pocket grabbing left knee. Players freaked out, swearing and praying. Immobilized. Practice halted #Vikings— Brian Murphy (@murphPPress) August 30, 2016 I was 20 yards upfield on left sideline when Bridgewater dropped back. Didn't appear to be touched before he went down clutching left knee— Brian Murphy (@murphPPress) August 30, 2016 Yikes.
Yeah, new pics that occurred after Weiner's last public sexting scandal were revealed.
I read his overtures to the black community as more targeted toward white people on the fence that he's not as racist as he seems.
I have a bad back, but not a Tony Romo-type bad back.— John Dingell (@JohnDingell) August 27, 2016 It might be time for Romo to hang it up.
It'd probably make more sense to take note of your hardcore conservative neighbors. They'll most likely have weapons and possibly a stockpile of supplies. The smart move would be to take them out early in an ambush for both their supplies and to decrease competition.
Trump from his townhall with Hannity. What about that wall again?
New Posts  All Forums: