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The whole not being able to use your headphones for both your iPhone and Mac is dumb. It's the same damn ecosystem, all the peripherals should work together.
Supposedly from Colin Powell's email leak. I'm glad to see Slick Willy still has it.
They got it completely wrong and thought the Kemper was the tube amp when A/Bed against two different amps. I followed along with them on the blind comparison and thought the Kemper sounded better in both tests also. It seems like for what you get, the $2k price tag isn't all that bad. Maybe sometime next year I might seriously consider one. Its certainly enough to make me hesitant to purchase another tube amp at the moment.
That's a nice amp. I've always felt like Marshall doesn't do enough low wattage heads. Speaking of amps though, has anyone tried a Kemper? This video has me very tempted.
Fox hosts say Dr. Oz told them HE will see Trump's medical records before Trump & will reveal them to Trump on air: pic.twitter.com/ucBXtxe1Zv— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) September 13, 2016 Don't worry guys, Dr. Oz will provide a full examination of Trump's medical records. Get me off this election's crazy train please.
I drop my phone far too much to not have a case on it. I'm not too concerned with screen cracks because for some reason I've never had one on my iPhone, but all my phones would have very worn and scratched bodies with no case.
I'm not one inclined to give any credence to the right wing conspiracy theories over Hillary's health, but Jesus, that episode at the ceremony looked awful. Video: https://twitter.com/zgazda66/status/774993814025011200/video/1
I'm generally anti-NAS scotches, but one of my local spots lowered Talisker Storm down to $30. I couldn't pass it up at that price. Even if it's only average it's worth it.
http://www.theverge.com/2016/9/8/12852098/belkin-apple-iphone-7-plus-adapter-dongle-charge-music?utm_campaign=theverge&utm_content=chorus&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter Another goddamn $40 dongle to solve the charging and headphones at the same time issue. Though not with the headphone jack, you'll need another dongle for your dongle for that.
The proprietary nature of the lightning port is what really bothers me about it. If they nixed the headphone port and the lightning port and just changed to a USB-C, I'd be more inclined to be okay with it. But now having to buy headphones that are incompatible with every other piece of hardware in existence bothers me greatly.
New Posts  All Forums: