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Dallas police chief Brown confirms 10 officers shot; 3 of them dead, 2 in surgery, 3 in critical condition— BNO News (@BNONews) July 8, 2016
Keys being tossed could be interpreted as you throwing away key evidence of whatever. Drugs, guns, child porn, WMD, etc.Expect to be shot and handcuffed at that point.
Hands on the steering wheel, interior dome light on. I'd rather the cop not draw down on me and pull me out of my car because he saw me rummaging around for something.It's a sad state of affairs that I even have to do that much to prevent the possibility of getting shot by the police. I shouldn't have to do anything to alleviate the fears of these cowards.
At most you're going to get a "if the facts are as presented, it might be troubling," and then a complete ignoring of the case in any future arguments.
Their gluttonous exterior mirrors their inner moral rot and desire for power like their desire for fried foods.
My favorite new character. That ice grill is amazing.
Did you sleep through Dubya's Presidency? The media protects those in power, no matter the side.I still don't know how people view lying psychopaths like Cheney and Rumsfeld as anything but the scum they are.
Now England gets to Brexit the Euros. Terrible week for them.
Political punditry remains the one profession I know of where you can be wrong nearly 100% of the time and not only remain employed, but still be considered a serious, learned individual.
BREAKING: Sinn Fein says "British government has forfeited any mandate to represent economic or political interests of people in N Ireland"— Marc Mallett (@MarcMallett_UTV) June 24, 2016
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