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I wonder how confidential informant payments are taxed.
Congrats to that Amtrak employee.
I'm glad to see they kept the trend of fat X-wing pilots going in the new Star Wars also.
Your name on this petition should be just as bad to your employment prospects as being convicted of a violent felony.
You're going to have to translate that for us, ethan.
BTW, when did .22lr get so expensive? I haven't bought it in years since I used to buy a box of 500 every time I did something gun related just because and amassed thousands and thousands of rounds of it. But the other week I was at the range with some friends and ran out of what I had on me and I was shocked by the prices.
WWB is the only thing I'll break my Walmart boycott for.
If only Scott Walker was still in the race. We could finally have that wall on the northern border to keep filthy wildlings like him out.
You'll be fine. An assault weapons bans isn't passing through this Congress. I don't see why you don't just buy a stripped lower receiver anyway though. They're only $100ish give or take some depending on the quality. That's the only part that is technically considered the firearm according to the feds.
I'm under the impression that you have to ship any firearm purchased over the internet to a FFL holder so they can perform the background check at that point.Or, I should say, POTUS is full of shit.
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