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Those are some nice LPs. I badly cut the pad on the ring finger on my left (fretting) hand by being an idiot and not practicing proper knife skills with my very sharp gyuto. Time to learn how to play the slide guitar for the next week or so I guess.
"The Right Stuff" is always an excellent choice.
Season passes are why I typically wait for the Game of the Year editions with all the DLCs or I just pirate the shitty additional content if I bother to play it at all.
From what I can tell, Josh is supposed to be there for all shows except for the festival stops at the end of the tour.
I'm excited to see them live in just over a month. As the passing of Bowie and Lemmy show, our rock gods of yesteryear might not be here for that much longer.
I had the same experience. Someone recommended the Eccleston season to me.I can't imagine why someone would think that idiotic mannequin episode would be a good way to introduce someone to Doctor Who.
I was planning on playing Iron Man once I got my bearings, but I think I'll have to wait until I download a few mods. There's quite a few timed missions that would be brutal on Iron Man. Adding only a few more turns would make it much more survivable for my poor operatives.
So many X Com operatives dead and wounded right now. Not sure I'll be able to pull it off in time to stop the alien victory. I'm not even playing Iron Man yet either though I haven't save scummed yet except for once or twice when damn near all my squad got wiped out.
I finished episode 7 last night. I'm a fan, but then again I also really enjoy the book series the show is based on. Probably some of my favorite space opera of recent memory.
Me too. It's one of my favorite modern action series, minus the Matt Damon-less one that is. That one was terrible.
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