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I saw Interstellar last night. Plenty of homages to 2001 and while it requires the suspension of some disbelief, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I sat two rows back from Bill Laimbeer on a plane once. Apparently he was a dismissive asshole to these people who tried to meet him; I heard them complain quite loudly for awhile. It felt right. If he was a genuinely nice guy I would have been a little disappointed.
Wasn't Lucy universally panned? I suppose it made some money, but it also was a bad film by all accounts.
Vegetarian Indian food is the only vegetarian cuisine I can fully get behind.
How is it compared to last year's? That was an amazing bourbon.
I'll confess I'm not familiar with all the ins-and-outs of the Civil War story line, but after the numerous shitty Spiderman films, I don't particularly care about his role in any future movies.
This sounds pretty awesome.
Well shit, I just bought an OBSK private selection and it's delicious. I might have to rethink this preferring the OBSV thing.
That might be the case. I had a private selection of it though.
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