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Seeing it Monday. I'm interested to see the eventual R-rated Director's Cut also. I wonder if the additional footage will help with the reported editing/pacing problems or if it'll just be even more bloated.
It's at 40% with 41 reviews so far.
Wonder Woman's casting choice was one of my biggest reservations about this movie. Gal Gadot is incredibly attractive, but she's also very skinny and not athletic looking.
Remember the covers from DoFP? Those were awful also.
Jennifer Lawrence & Friends. Looks super CGIed but I also thought DoFP looked like steaming dog shit from the trailers, so I might have to withhold judgment on this.
Gross. Though I did read that George Lucas isn't involved at all, but still, who wants to see a 75-year old Ford run around?
Firefly is one of those shows I feel like I should love, but I can never make it passed the second episode. That western train heist episode was boring. There's so much good TV out there now so I've never felt the need to go back.
Same here actually. I'm fairly ignorant of modern metal but a friend who is into that genre invited me along and all has been well since.
I saw these guys randomly a few months back. They're just as heavy in person.
I saw them last night in concert. It was excellent.
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