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I wonder if Trump takes public financing. He doesn't exactly have a robust fundraising operation in effect at the moment.
No. Of course they are, but it's at least in their job description to deal with such things.
I use it to measure the length of my penis to compare to others.
Too many armed morons thinking their CCW makes them cops. Defuse and deescalate is the name of the game.
I can't seem to find data on the crime rates in the Somali community, but my own feeling is probably higher than average, but less so than other domestic groups.
Worst year ever for my music icons. Fuck.
Nice to Hollywood still loves to whitewash Asian characters. Pass.
I'm still waiting for Disney to cash in on the profit the original theatrical release in bluray would bring.
Hopefully this will assuage some fears about Captain America getting the backburner in his own movie.
There's not enough bleach in the world to erase that image out of my mind.
New Posts  All Forums: