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I don't see why, nothing he proposes is going to pass at this point.
Looks like something that belongs in the Pawnee City Hall.
.@megynkelly recently said that she can’t be wooed by Trump. She is so average in every way, who the hell wants to woo her!— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) January 11, 2016
I was even shocked to hear his age honestly. I know he's been making music since the late-60's, but he seemed to exist out of time. An ever present creative force.
I heard about this during a last minute news check before going to bed. Instead I stayed up until 4 AM listening to his music. Goddamnit. A world without Bowie seems just a little bit bleaker.
This season is shaping up for another Manning-Brady confrontation in the AFC Championships.
Nah. Suh acts up and does questionable shit a few times a season, but he knows people are watching him so he tries to be sneaky about it. Burfict just doesn't give a shit and will headhunt with his team's playoff hopes on the line. I'm confident Suh isn't dumb enough to make that mistake.
The guy is a great athlete, but he's a moron and easily the dirtiest player in the league right now. Why even try to knock Brown out at that point? The game is almost over, play it completely safe.
Burfict nailed Brown in the head unnecessarily. That was all on him, not the refs.
New Posts  All Forums: