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I also found an Epiphone Valve Jr. head (version 2) in pretty good condition on Craigslist for $60 that I had to snag. I'm going to turn it into a project amp and mod the hell out of it.
Updates on my odyssey for a small bedroom amp: I took my guitar around to a few different stores to try out amps, I tried all sorts of the lower end variety. Solid states one and all I had to pass on. I just couldn't do it. I briefly contemplated the Blackstar HT1R and HT5R but I didn't particularly like their tones; they felt more like a metal amp to me. I thought about the Orange Micro Terror, but the 8" cab it's paired with was too lifeless. It sounded good out of the...
I was thinking around $250 or less, but I'm flexible if it's worth it. This is mainly for noodling around in my office so it doesn't have to be top of the line.
So my crappy little Fender Squier 15 amp I acquired somehow in a drunken transaction finally died and I need a replacement bedroom amp. I have a Fender Twin also, but that lives downstairs where I have a bit more room. What's a fairly inexpensive yet quality (for the price) small amp?
My body is ready.
At this point I sort of hope GRRM is as big of a bastard as I think he is and he lets the White Walkers destroy Westeros. End GoT with a panoramic shot of all the main characters as zombies. You could even have headless Ned Stark back in the show. Fin.
There just aren't enough interesting plot lines left without Jon Snow. Tywin is gone, Stannis is gone, Jaime and Bronn turned into some stupid buddy cop adventure into pointless Dorne. We're left with Dany, who whines and only seems capable of making petulant faces, and unfortunately the Halfman is now with her so all his scenes will be tainted by her. Brienne avenged her love Renly, so she's done and even if not, eh. Arya might be interesting but her plot sort of...
GRRM is a bastard.
Garfield was a good Spidey, he wasn't what was wrong with those terrible movies.
New Posts  All Forums: