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I watched the first episode last night. I'll definitely be back for more. I dig the premise and acting so far.
https://twitter.com/SBNationGIF/status/634515262348369920 Odds of RGIII surviving the season without a catastrophic injury? He's already suffered a concussion.
I've read that Gibson's CEO is trying to turn it into a luxury lifestyle brand like Harley is these days, catering to doctors and dentists in their 50's with beer guts who envision themselves as weekend blues men. By all accounts the CEO is a massive dick. Fender American Standards don't seem all that bad to me at $1299 honestly. Right now you can even get a Gold and a Cream one for $999 from various websites. As for their custom shop jobs, yeah, those are too up there...
A Les Paul with a Floyd Rose seems odd to me. But I'd expect nothing less from a Rush fan.
So who is still on the 49ers anyway?
Do you have an acoustic, Pio? Seems like a worth while investment if you're finding it difficult to play without your entire setup. I even recall reading some popular metal band (Megadeth maybe, I can't quite remember) composed most of their music on acoustics. I'm actually thinking of picking up a smaller bodied acoustic, some of the models Loar puts out are catching my interest these days, for some quick and dirty fingerstyle playing when I'm lounging around on the...
http://www.rollingstone.com/movies/reviews/fantastic-four-20150806#ixzz3i4BPyVGq0/4 stars. It's sitting at 10% with 78 reviews. Ouch.
Doom in action from the new F4 movie. He looks like shit. I'm not sure why they thought making him look like a Husk from Mass Effect was a good idea.
Several sites broke the embargo on reviews and have slammed the new Fantastic Four. It's currently sitting at 20% with 5 reviews at Rotten Tomatoes.
I watched Mad Max: Fury Road tonight. It's amazing. It's exactly what an action movie should be. Practical stunts and real effects instead of CGI and green screen. The guitar mutant is my hero.
New Posts  All Forums: