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I'm 2 episodes in on Daredevil and it's really damn good. Dark, gritty, and a good counterpart to the flashiness of the Avengers crew.
Ah, I never really considered the older stuff. If I want a well aged Heaven Hill product, I'll just grab a 12-year old Elijah Craig for $25.
I thought the vast majority of Willett was LDI/MGP make, not Heaven Hill.Their new pricing is absurd BTW. There's no reason to pay $120+ for an 11-year old bourbon not even distilled by them. I understand they're trying to price it to eliminate the secondary market's upcharge, but still, fuck them.
I had a craving for some Napeolonic historical fiction so I just picked up Sharpe's Rifles by Bernard Cornwell.
Flash is way better than the current season of Arrow.
New Kendrick = Digable Planets + early Ice Cube. It's way different than GKMC so I expect a lot of people who only became fans of him from that album to be disappointed. In ways it reminds me of Section 80 more. I really like it though. No other rap album out there right now sounds like it.
This is the most hectic free agency I can remember. Massive moves going on.
It's a goddamn cupcake, of course it won't be that special.
I think after the Simpsons' heart break edit, this is my favorite funny pic from that fiasco.
First time I bet on sports ever was last night. I put down $10 on a number board since it was a friend's event. I ended up winning $1000. Woot! Greatest non-Packers winning Superbowl of my life.
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