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Found the DSL40 with a Creamback already in it from Sweetwater for a good price for a demo unit. It's on it's way here.
I've been on the hunt for a Marshall in the box pedal lately. I just played a friend's Marshall DSL40c with an upgraded speaker (Creamback I think), and well, looks like I'll just go for the amp instead. That's the sound I've been searching for so no reason to settle for half measures.
Nice to Hollywood still loves to whitewash Asian characters. Pass.
I'm still waiting for Disney to cash in on the profit the original theatrical release in bluray would bring.
Hopefully this will assuage some fears about Captain America getting the backburner in his own movie.
To tell the truth, I know Spiderman is one of Marvel's biggest superheroes, but I've never particularly liked him. This makes me less excited for Civil War.
Yo we heard you like trailers so we put a trailer of your trailer of your trailer.
Yikes. Extensive reshoots this late in the process doesn't bode well.
I think it's pretty clear Snyder is incapable of making a movie with any emotional impact. The closest he's come is 300 and that he was able to lift directly off the graphic novel's page, so he didn't need to invent any of the story line. And even though Watchmen was shot well (also due to it being lifted straight from the page), it suffered from a similar dourness that these Superman movies have.
I just realized something about Batman v Superman [[SPOILER]]
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