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I'd happily vote for The Onion's Biden. He's one of their best running gags.
Robin Arryn up there is creeping me out.
[CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM THEME PLAYS ♫] @CarmanTse @gkla @RooneyMcNibNug @J_Derm pic.twitter.com/nU0ZPDuwqn— Mr Red Ghost (@Mr_Ghostly) July 26, 2016
How the fuck do you miss your target 3 times (or 2, depending on if you buy the inept attempted murderer's story) when you're that close and have an AR-15 with optics? The autistic kid was wildly obese also, not like he's a small, moving target.
Michelle gave a pretty damn good speech.Warren sounds mildly medicated.
I doubt you'll find anyone who desires to defend Don Lemon over anything at all.
I imagine it discriminates against all those sissy upper middle class white kids with nut allergies.
I remember a case a few years back when an 80+ year old guy mistook his gas pedal for the break and plowed into a market in California. I believe quite a few people died from that one. Unfortunately it's depressingly easy to kill a large number of people with vehicles.And a French lawmaker told reporters that guns and grenades were found in the truck.
Well fuck. I can't say I'm looking forward to all the copycats that will inevitably follow this.
Early reports are the occupants of the truck, after plowing through the crowd, then exchanged gunfire with police.
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