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You mean the Drew Brees from today's game against Carolina, right?
I have Act 2.3 which is pretty damn good. If you like port finishes I can't imagine you not liking it.
The 10 is tasty and reasonably priced for the quality of malt.
3 first round and 1 second round picks for the guy and they give up on him in 2 and a half years. Granted, he sucks now, but no QB is going to flourish in that terrible Redskins organization. Shanahan ruined RGIII's health in an attempt to save his own floundering career. He's only 24 so he might be salvageable, but he's so bad these days...
Some routine plumbing work revealed my boiler is leaking carbon monoxide. Looks like I need a new one. Goddamnit.
Anyone play Dragon Age Inquisition yet?
I saw Interstellar last night. Plenty of homages to 2001 and while it requires the suspension of some disbelief, I thoroughly enjoyed it.
I sat two rows back from Bill Laimbeer on a plane once. Apparently he was a dismissive asshole to these people who tried to meet him; I heard them complain quite loudly for awhile. It felt right. If he was a genuinely nice guy I would have been a little disappointed.
Wasn't Lucy universally panned? I suppose it made some money, but it also was a bad film by all accounts.
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