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I was totally fucking with you on the "right side of history" quip BTW.
In 2012 I thought the changing demographics of this country and it's effect on the electoral map would be enough to make Republicans tilt toward being more minority friendly. Turns out they doubled down on stupid and sabotaged themselves this time around again. If they don't reorient themselves to get on the "right side of history," they're going to keep on losing.
I have Hillary at a bigly victory of 323 to Trump's 215. She gets PA, NC, FL, NH, and NV out of the major battleground states. Trump gets only OH (Sad!). MN, WI, and MI, where Trump has spent a decent amount of time lately are not in play and have never been.
http://www.kmov.com/story/33625340/questions-arise-after-photo-of-deceased-man-with-officer-surfacesProtect and serve.
I can deal with a white Ancient One, but I'm not watching a movie about a white Major.
FBI Dir just informed us "Based on our review, we have not changed our conclusions that we expressed in July with respect to Sec Clinton"— Jason Chaffetz (@jasoninthehouse) November 6, 2016 Nice job creating all that chaos for nothing, Comey.
All the kids I knew in my home town in central Wisconsin that flew the Confederate battle flag would fit the description given by Numbernine's father.
I don't think anyone denies the DNC rigged it for Hillary. The way the Democratic primary is set up all but guarantees the party rigs the election. Why else have super delegates? They're unelected and unaccountable to anyone, but it ensures the party gets the candidate they want. In other FBI news, William J. Clinton Foundation: This initial release consists of material from the FBI's files related to the Will... https://t.co/Y4nz3aRSmG— FBI Records Vault...
What she did was certainly unprofessional, but really, did the moderators ask anything in any of the debates or town halls that was even remotely a surprise? They ask the same thing almost every time. Any candidate well prepared (i.e. Clinton, but not Trump), knows exactly what they're going to be asked ahead of time.
http://www.slate.com/articles/news_and_politics/cover_story/2016/10/was_a_server_registered_to_the_trump_organization_communicating_with_russia.htmlWay more at the link.
New Posts  All Forums: