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Thanks. When I first picked it up, it's clear it had been neglected for a long time. Tarnish on a lot of the hardware, dust and debris caked on the finish, and a hefty dose of cigarettes wafting off of it. Never the less, while I squatted on the curb in the parking lot (the joys of Craigslist), even with it barely in tune I could tell it was a player. Just so smooth and despite the neglect, the action and neck relief was still damn near perfect. I was still able to talk...
I had to get it. It's from 2000 and plays like a dream. It'll compliment my Olympic white Strat nicely.
I'm sure that story is complete bullshit, but I'm surprised it's taken so long for people to start shooting cops like they have in recent weeks. You had white militia types ready to go to war over some rich rancher's cattle, imagine what would happen if white people were routinely harassed and jailed as often as black people in this country. After all, isn't part of the reasoning behind the 2nd Amendment to allow citizens to stand up against the tyranny of government?
What kind of morons use a real weapon in a scenario like that?Oh yeah. cops do.There's a reason why in training scenarios where you point weapons at other people, you use those brightly colored blue guns.
http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/baltimore-police-doj-report_us_57aa6844e4b0ba7ed23e1c46?tfz2lmaet5o4qdunmi Baltimore Police Used Force 2,818 Times In Six Years. They Found One Violation It's not even worth posting the article since the entire thing is filled with outrages. Here's one of my "favorites": The pigs couldn't even keep it in their pants with the feds breathing down their necks.
I've noodled with them at guitar stores and I find them comfortable while seated. I have heard horror stories about their neck dive while standing but I imagine it could be fairly well counteracted by a suitably wide gripy strap.
Jazz is one of those genres I want to get into only for the technical abilities I know I'll have to learn. My musical theory knowledge is rudimentary at best and it seems like a good way to learn it. I sold some random musical equipment recently and find my guitar gear budget suddenly flush with cash. Now I'm debating if I should splurge on a used ebony Les Paul Standard ($1300) or go a little cheaper on a SG Standard ($8-900). Both would be off craiglist so it's not...
Unless reviews for one of their future movies are actually good, I'll probably just wait to see them all when they come out on bluray.
If you're a superhero fan, I think the film is worth a watch. If you're lukewarm, eh... you might get more enjoyment from those Harley Quinn gifs floating around.I actually think he did a pretty good job, but he had more of a cameo role.
Margot Robbie - 5/5 The rest of Suicide Squad - 2/5 Uneven pacing, dumb editing choices, and a total lack of emotional impact throughout the movie.
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