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He certainly has Favre's penchant for throwing interceptions in the post season.
For the last week or so the only times I've been able to take a fully satisfying shit is immediately after taking a shower. I'm talking within 10 minutes of drying myself off without fail. All that washing feels for naught.
Colston is a moron.
I fully expect to struggle and perhaps not even finish it this time. I'm viewing it as on of those long term projects, a few pages here and there and maybe read some critical analysis on the side to make sense of it all.But fuck Finnegan's Wake with a rusty spoon. I'd never subject myself to that. I broke up with a girl who claimed she loved Finnegan's Wake; not so much because I think it's an incomprehensible book, but because it proved her to be a liar.
Just finished A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by Joyce. I found it excellent. As I've already enjoyed Dubliners, do I now dare to tackle Ulysses?
The Bottle In Bond version is my go to mixing bourbon. I find myself drinking it neat on occasion also.
You can't accurately assess the Packers' offense this season based on Rodgers being out for 7 games. They're lucky they made the playoffs at all, as would any team that missed their franchise QB for half a season.Capers huge problem is he can't adjust to his personnel. His schemes were fine when they had Woodson and Nick Collins in the secondary, but now with significantly less talented players there are far too many holes and lack of situation awareness.
Absolutely not. We're 3 years removed from a Superbowl win. First clean house on the defensive side; start with Dom Capers, following up with his terrible toupee, then draft some DBs to replace our terrible secondary. I can't believe how awful our safeties are. Rarely did I see them make a play. And besides Sam Shields and Tramon Williams, both of whom can play well occasionally, every other cornerback is a liability. I'm not surprised Hyde dropped that interception, Bush...
Trent Richardson is a waste of space. I can't believe two different teams wasted first round picks on him.
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