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The one time I root for the Cowboys and those assholes let me down. Goddamnit.
It's been a full six weeks since he broke it. Considering we're still in hunt for the NFC North lead, something I'm completely surprised about, I think he has to. If we win out I think it's likely we'll get the title. I doubt the Lions' ability to win 3 in a row.
$1500 is actually cheaper than I thought they would be. I think I'm used to hearing the price for tickets on the secondary market. Still, if you manage to find yourself at the Superbowl and you have the gall to complain about being cold, STFU.
They look like Sketchers from the late-90's.
I care very little about the comforts of people who can afford Superbowl tickets.
Real football is played outdoors no matter the weather. It's about time the Superbowl recognized this fact.
Quidditch was only a new idea because the game made zero logical sense. One could explain that away as a sign of wizard "quirkiness", but really, the rules are illogical. None of the game matters except for the seeker.
Gloves like that are great for winter sports.
From yesterday. Silent Uniqlo Heat Tech (no viz) Ann Demeulemeester Buttero
I just put an order into a store with the option of Field Marshal Lord as my title. I feel fancier already.
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