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We get the Human Rights Campaign people and either Green Peace or the Sierra Club (not sure which, I don't ever look at them) on the regular.
Not just a NY problem. I fucking hate these people. They're permanently camped on an intersection 3 blocks from my house so I encounter them quite frequently. I perform the scowl and ignore move on them at all times in public and when they come to my door, which is increasingly common, I just say "no" and shut the door in their face.
I've heard from other people that don't particularly like Stephen King either that it's excellent, so we'll see.
Decided it was time to read my first Stephen King book. I'm starting the Dark Tower series right now.
I saw Chunky Soup two winters back sipping down a drink by himself at a bar. He was fat and depressed looking.
The ones your posted were more reasonable. The Pitti ones looked ridiculous. Still, I think you should go for a stiffer brimmed preacher hat if you want something like that.
Those wide brimmed floppy hats look far too precious.
I freak out when I drop below 200.
Well there goes my no copping for awhile plan.
You've come far from your Ann D MyHabit cast off days, Dorje.
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