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Is in stitches still alive?
Ice is how I started drinking bourbon since it eased a bit of that fire. But now I'm all about it neat with a small splash of water. And that fire burns oh so good.
I hate Bryan Singer so much.
He doesn't deserve flack for the last interception. That was a great play by Sherman. Kaep's pick right after the fumble recovery on the goal line stand is inexcusable though. Nothing about that throw made sense at all.
I honestly prefer rye in almost all cocktails that can use bourbon. I find the spiciness of rye stands up much better to mixers of any sort. The odd man out might be a Mint Julep, but that's strictly for tradition sake.
Crown Royal isn't bourbon, it's Canadian whiskey.
I've always hated Sherman but all the flack he's getting for his WWE heel promo makes me want to root for him.
I haaaate Sherman. I'm still glad the Seahawks won though.
Does anyone actually like Joe Buck? Aikman and him are the worst duo in sports
New Posts  All Forums: