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My Buttero side zip combat boots must be approaching 5 years or so of wear at this point. I only just resoled them last year. Solid purchase.
Esemplare parka with the cable knit interior. Thanks "Magic Week". [[SPOILER]]
It's unfortunate that this stuff isn't even remotely interesting. Sort of like Plokhov in general these days.
Isn't there a company out there that's 3D printing MTM sweaters? I forget the name of it.
Bert's Mihara jacket is ridiculously sick.
Now I wonder when Reggie Bush started beating his infant daughter. "Stop crying! You're only teething, you brat!" *wap* *wap* *wap*
That idiot cop had some type of semi auto. Revolver DAO triggers are a whole different ball game. A standard Glock trigger pull weight is something like 5-6 pounds while my 642 has a 12. You'd have to be a special kind of moron to accidentally discharge that. Rent one at the range and you'll see what I'm talking about. I can't think of a single revolver that actually has a safety on it.
Nope. The simplicity of it is the major selling point. The double action trigger is safety enough.
The 642 is the gold standard of snubbies. I have one that I like well enough for the purpose. I don't find DAO J-frames to be that fun to shoot in general (though they are helped by a good trigger job), but I know it'll work every time I need it to work so I always make sure to get a few rounds through it when I get to the range. Whatever you do, go hammerless. Protruding hammers are too likely to snag in your pocket by all accounts.
+1000These are the two I usually use:The Maille I find a bit mellower while the Fallot is spicier.
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