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Josh Scobee's career needs to be deleted.
Falcons aren't getting to the Superbowl. Matt Ryan is a solid 2nd tier QB and the rest of his team isn't good enough to counteract that. Right now, it's either the Packers or Cardinals coming out of the NFC.
I'm leaning towards both on this one.
The Cards are really good.
I almost bought a MIJ Strat a couple of years ago with a flamed finish. It was one of those cheesy photo faux-flame ones, but man, it sounded sweet. I slept on it and went back the next day to get it only to find someone swooped in and snagged it out from under me.
Copy and paste works so much better on the new OS.
Solid trolling on Rodgers part. Now if only he was drinking some nano bubble water while saying that.
RIP Romo's clavicle.
I bought Crystal. It's only 99 cents and works wonderfully.
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