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From yesterday. Silent Uniqlo Heat Tech (no viz) Ann Demeulemeester Buttero
I just put an order into a store with the option of Field Marshal Lord as my title. I feel fancier already.
It's funny how one's view on silhouettes changes suddenly. I've always hated when sweaters have been too loose on the bottom and cause a noticeable back tent. It's been the bane of my sartorial existence alongside narrow shoes and tiny Japanese clothing sizes. But now I just received this cool felted wool sweater with a jersey underlayer which has the back tent in full affect and I'll be damned if I don't think it just looks cool.
His Elmer T Lee Single Barrel is one of my favorite always available bourbons.
I was a huge fan of the book as a child, though I suspect it might not hold up these days, but the movie was absolutely terrible. The movie got the general plot somewhat right, but took out any and every part that made the story any good at all.
I approve of random drunk purchases.
After all this food I've eaten, its definitely a Yohji pants kind of day. That oversized waist is so necessary.
I've yelled this exact thing countless times.
Huh. Looks like I'll have to join in on the Pappy hunt. As for me, I'm putting the final touches on my turkey stock for tomorrow and sipping on something much more pedestrian than the rest of you: Four Roses Single Barrel.
Vacations >>> Copping parkas, even really cool ones.
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