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Seems like the same murky waters as White Hispanics. Hell, at that link, the guy on the top left of the first photo looks like he could be a cousin to SF Whisp spokesman George Zimmerman.
I never said it was a face mask. I just said in real time it had all the signs of it looking like a face mask. Refs don't have slow mo replay.
In real time it did. His head twisted and he ended up with his chin strap up around his eyes. Yes, in slow mo it was an eh call, but in real time with how they protect QBs, he's going to get the call.
I used imprecise language. I meant spending by either side in general, not just on lobbying efforts.
They spent $28 million on the election through their PAC. That doesn't count?
You're looking at the wrong page. This: http://www.opensecrets.org/orgs/summary.php?id=D000000082&cycle=2014 shows the figure that PBS used.
Bloomberg himself has billions, his gun control organization doesn't.Here's a comparison between the gun rights and gun control lobbies in spending during 2014: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/frontline/article/how-loaded-is-the-gun-lobby/The NRA and other gun rights organizations spend quite a bit more.
The gun control debate in this country is dead. Nothing meaningful will be enacted on the national level. There's no will for it in Congress and there's too much money against it.
The cop at the press conference said there was 1 man and 1 woman in the SUV. Is that the first female American mass shooter?
New Posts  All Forums: