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So after seeing a Doctor Who episode over BBC America's marathon, I've decided to start watching this show. But the question is, where to begin? I've read somewhere that one should start on the new Doctor's seasons (2010 and onward), but the competitionist in me wants to go back to the revival at 2005.
The Disney-fication of the first movie makes me much less excited to see this one. This is a very sad feeling considering how many days I've wasted watching the extended versions of the LotR trilogy.
I have an older version of the Jonas and it's fantastic. You can't go wrong with either one, but if you're still in MN longer coats for junk coverage are ideal.
Where 2 kop?
I've spent years accumulating these books all with the goal of taking this one solitary picture. Now that I've successfully completed my mission, excuse me while I sell them all to a used book store for a paltry sum.Stay tuned for my next WAWYT in 6-7 years featuring my massive collection of porcelain figurines that I will now begin to amass.
It was one of those yoox treasure finds. It's the Fall 2012 version I believe. I went with a XL.
I knew I should have purchased my library by the yard.
Raf Simons dip dye Balenciaga waxed denim S2A sneakers Working from home today. Would this qualify for the WAYWT challenge? Not sure if dip dye and a waxed coating count.
Hopefully it doesn't end up one of those SF-Sufu-SZ pieces that cycles through users like flotsam drifting along the current.
We get the Human Rights Campaign people and either Green Peace or the Sierra Club (not sure which, I don't ever look at them) on the regular.
New Posts  All Forums: