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USPS has always been fine for me except for when I miss a package and I have to go to the post office to get it. That one is a hell hole, though it's not necessarily the fault of the employees. It's more to do with the fact it's always packed and mostly with people with poor grasp on English and only a vague idea on how the mail system works, leading to an ever increasing, molasses-paced line.
I figured we should start a new thread as this doesn't quite fit into any of the other current ones complaining about women, Muslims, or random CEness. I have Clinton and Trump winning Iowa tonight. Sanders (obviously) and Cruz both come in a close second.
Ted Cruz being super creepy. He's not the only candidate or PAC who has done something similar to this, but his definitely has the creepiest tone to it. http://journal.ijreview.com/2016/01/252498-said-undecided-iowan-received-controversial-mailer-ted-cruz/?_ga=1.27866684.1039493435.1450793485
I honestly haven't had ammo since 9mm was around $12. Looks like I was right to horde. Of course, that also means I was part of the problem.
The 2 people I know with security clearances are up in arms over the new allegations. They claim they would have been drawn and quartered for anything even remotely as bad as what Clinton did.
His more outlandish domestic ideas stand a snowball's chance in hell of passing through anything resembling this Congress. I prefer him on the Democratic side because he's the only non-neocon running when it comes to foreign policy. Our misadventures in the Middle East have been disastrous and Clinton would continue with more of the same.
Wait... there's a female Thor?
Trump is not on stage ... but he is still top searched candidate in every state across U.S., per Google. #GOPDebate pic.twitter.com/0x1G6MfrJh— Teddy Davis (@TeddyDavisCNN) January 29, 2016
More of this bullshit. Rand still showing himself to be the only Republican I could vote for while the rest stroke themselves to turgidness over the thought of spying on Americans and bombing foreign countries.
http://wgntv.com/2016/01/28/police-officer-will-sue-the-estate-of-the-teen-he-killed/Super classy move.
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