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I was planning on buying a pair of Ann D boots from the Barneys Warehouse sale recently but stopped to go take care of something before ordering. Came back 5 minutes later and it was sold out. Ah well. It's all in the game. But I just saw what I suspect is the guy who bought them trying to flip them for a roughly 100% profit on Ebay. Asshole.
Much better with jeans. The sweatpants fit just looked weird.
What do you all think of Ardbeg Ardbog? I'm debating between that and the Uigeadail for my next Islay.
It's from the movie Shame when Michael Fassbender does indeed suffer from a bout of erectile dysfunction.
The Esemplare felted polyster parka I just got might just be one of the coolest jackets I've ever handled. Super beefy material, fantastic detailing, great oversized hood for Nazgul steeze, and great warmth. Unfortunately it's a size too small. Goddamnit.
No game has made me want to rage quit more often than X-Com on Ironman. It's so nerve wracking and painful.
I think I might just need to break mine out tomorrow.
I agree with Bam's assessment.
I urge you not to change it. If you did, the residents might rebel or wander off and pollute other threads. I prefer to have them self contained in their own little, weird world.
Is that Alden thing like Crips saying cuz? A sign of association?
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