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What shop is that? I'm a Minneapolis resident also.
Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol. I'm going with the older Guerney translation.
I ordered two sets of Schott Zweisel wine glasses. As soon as the UPS guy handed the box over, I heard a glass tinkling sound and knew disaster had struck. One of the glasses had broken, but the other set remained unharmed. I contacted Gilt (where I ordered them from) and requested a replacement, expecting to have to deal with all the hassle of returning and waiting around for a new set, but as they didn't have any more in stock, they refunded the cost of the set and...
I'm thinking those adderall fueled Seahawks pull it off at home against the Niners.
Peyton and his crew need to pull this off. They're the last non evil team left in the playoffs.
I've been choosing the third best option: wet wipes. They perform a satisfactory job but I really need to break through this weird pooping block that has some how gotten ahold of me.
He certainly has Favre's penchant for throwing interceptions in the post season.
For the last week or so the only times I've been able to take a fully satisfying shit is immediately after taking a shower. I'm talking within 10 minutes of drying myself off without fail. All that washing feels for naught.
Colston is a moron.
I fully expect to struggle and perhaps not even finish it this time. I'm viewing it as on of those long term projects, a few pages here and there and maybe read some critical analysis on the side to make sense of it all.But fuck Finnegan's Wake with a rusty spoon. I'd never subject myself to that. I broke up with a girl who claimed she loved Finnegan's Wake; not so much because I think it's an incomprehensible book, but because it proved her to be a liar.
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