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I think after the Simpsons' heart break edit, this is my favorite funny pic from that fiasco.
First time I bet on sports ever was last night. I put down $10 on a number board since it was a friend's event. I ended up winning $1000. Woot! Greatest non-Packers winning Superbowl of my life.
I think Marvin Harrison's off field habit of shooting people may have also worked against him.
He was being tested for alcohol because of a DUI arrest. While the NFL is an incredibly hypocritical organization, I can't feel bad for Gordon as he knew exactly what he was required to do to comply with the league's substance abuse policies.
http://www.reddit.com/r/tolkienfans/comments/2subbe/i_have_recut_pjs_hobbit_trilogy_into_a_single/Hm.... I'm intrigued. Unfortunately the resolution quality is pretty low so I'd have problems watching it. Hopefully once Five Armies is out on Bluray, a better quality version will be released.
Those private selections are my favorite commonly available bourbons. It'd be a shame if those began to be harder to find also.
He did it with total fumbles also a little further down at the link and came up with similar results.
http://www.sharpfootballanalysis.com/blog/?p=2932Much more data analysis at the link.
I haven't really bought anything in months now because of that.And, well, I've been spending all my money on trips.
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