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How is it compared to last year's? That was an amazing bourbon.
I'll confess I'm not familiar with all the ins-and-outs of the Civil War story line, but after the numerous shitty Spiderman films, I don't particularly care about his role in any future movies.
This sounds pretty awesome.
Well shit, I just bought an OBSK private selection and it's delicious. I might have to rethink this preferring the OBSV thing.
That might be the case. I had a private selection of it though.
I honestly think the standard OBSV, especially when its bottled at cask strength, is my favorite of the 4RSB mashbills.
It's done deal. Ordered one. Thanks, Jet.
So how are the ultra light down jackets/vests? I'm thinking about picking up a vest for winter outdoor activities as packable insulating midlayer instead of spending $100-200 on an outdoor brand version.
I briefly tried the hunt last year and it just stressed me out and made me anxious. The exact opposite of what I want from whiskey. I got a few of the ECBP's this year and like you, some store chosen Four Roses and I'm happy with that.
The hunt for Pappy and BTAC has turned me off completely from all the limited edition "premium" bourbons. Willett setting the MSRP for their 11-year old bourbon at $124.99 might just be the final straw. I never thought I'd see the day where scotch could be considered reasonably priced compared to bourbon. I'd rather have a bottle of Talisker 18 and an EC12 for that absurd price and at least I'd know exactly where the juice was coming from.
New Posts  All Forums: