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Congressmen's living arrangements in DC can be downright hilarious. I've read multiple accounts of them living together that make it seem like they're nothing but old frat boys.
Those are some nice LPs. I badly cut the pad on the ring finger on my left (fretting) hand by being an idiot and not practicing proper knife skills with my very sharp gyuto. Time to learn how to play the slide guitar for the next week or so I guess.
Muslim dictatorship aside, that doesn't stop him from being Hitler and/or Lenin.Though I am sort of surprised they didn't go for the more recognizable Stalin instead on that meme.
http://www.cincinnati.com/story/news/crime/2016/03/05/jaywalking-video-maker-charged-contempt/81375300/Fucking pigs is right.
"The Right Stuff" is always an excellent choice.
Anecdotal evidence here: at the yoga studio I go to, I'd say the vast majority of men shower afterward, while I routinely see most of the women leave immediately after without showering. They go back to the locker room just long enough to throw something on over their sweaty gym clothes then rush off.
My old gym had an old guy who loved doing that. He propped one leg up on the counter and went at it.
Bernie Bros' resentment at black people lately for not marching lock step behind the Bern has been incredibly grating lately. It's almost like black people's views don't actually count when they differ from their own.
New Posts  All Forums: