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ITT All things Winter Olympics related.
Highland Park 18 should come in around $90-100.
https://mobile.twitter.com/Pornhub/status/430154370752458752?screen_name=Pornhub Don't try uploading the Game to Pornhub because we don't allow rape.— Pornhub Katie (@Pornhub) February 3, 2014
That's sort of how I imagine Harvey Birdman.
Is in stitches still alive?
Ice is how I started drinking bourbon since it eased a bit of that fire. But now I'm all about it neat with a small splash of water. And that fire burns oh so good.
I hate Bryan Singer so much.
He doesn't deserve flack for the last interception. That was a great play by Sherman. Kaep's pick right after the fumble recovery on the goal line stand is inexcusable though. Nothing about that throw made sense at all.
I honestly prefer rye in almost all cocktails that can use bourbon. I find the spiciness of rye stands up much better to mixers of any sort. The odd man out might be a Mint Julep, but that's strictly for tradition sake.
New Posts  All Forums: