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I approve of random drunk purchases.
After all this food I've eaten, its definitely a Yohji pants kind of day. That oversized waist is so necessary.
I've yelled this exact thing countless times.
Huh. Looks like I'll have to join in on the Pappy hunt. As for me, I'm putting the final touches on my turkey stock for tomorrow and sipping on something much more pedestrian than the rest of you: Four Roses Single Barrel.
Vacations >>> Copping parkas, even really cool ones.
Looks like the actual Black Friday is becoming increasingly irrelevant in the face of stores trying to gain a competitive advantage with earlier sales. I'm okay with this.
I wish I wasn't all copped out. Snowpants look wonderful.
There are few things firearm related that are more fun than customizing a 10/22. It's the perfect tinkerer's rifle.
Not entirely. It works out to 70% off retail. A great deal for sure, but considering the absurd retail price of clothing these days, it does add up after a few items.
I got so many things last night stacking that 50% sale with the 40% coupon. Ridiculous.
New Posts  All Forums: