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Tim Howard's legs are the MVP of our team.
I'll second the State of Decay recommendation. The game was cause for the first rage quit I've had since I was a kid when my main man Marcus was eaten. It still pains my soul.
I keep on kopping vacations and associated items rather than clothing. I don't believe I've gotten anything more impressive than new T shirts for several months. With warm weather approaching, I can't see this changing. Excuse me while I go fondle my new Armada AKJJ's and Look Pivots that I won't be able to use until next winter.
^^^^^ I'm going to go check that out very soon. I grew up on Godzilla movies. For whatever reason, my Chinese father loved watching Godzilla destroy Japanese cities. And not so much a movie, but I've been steadily going through True Detective this week. Matthew McConaughey has come quite far since his RomCom days.
I hate his long haired tech geek friend though.
It was the short sleeve version of that one.
Just got one of those Knomadik shirts because it was 25% and I was curious. Pros: Long and slim Soft Cons: Entirely see through in white Fabric doesn't seem like it'd hold up well to repeated washes Seams look incredibly stupid in person An easy pass and return.
The Barney's goth ninja skate video editorial from a few years back was actually quite good. The SZ one, not so much.
Concord lows are terrible.
Your opinions couldn't be more wrong. Four Roses makes excellent bourbon. And Macallan scotch, while good if taken in a vacuum, is rather pedestrian when price and competitors are taken into account.
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