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Well there goes my no copping for awhile plan.
You've come far from your Ann D MyHabit cast off days, Dorje.
What's the deal with all these watch sellers on eBay from Singapore? I'm looking for a Seiko and all the cheapest vendors seem to be from there. They have 99%+ positive feedback with several thousand sales, so I'm prone to think they're legit but buying stuff from Asia always makes me wary of bootlegs.
I thought so. Looks like I missed the SF meetup by only one day.
What book store is that?
Yup. Looks like they went up $95 since I bought my pair several years back though.
[[SPOILER]] Raen OpticsNumber (N)ineSilentN&FButtero
The schadenfreude will certainly soothe my burning rage.
I was planning on buying a pair of Ann D boots from the Barneys Warehouse sale recently but stopped to go take care of something before ordering. Came back 5 minutes later and it was sold out. Ah well. It's all in the game. But I just saw what I suspect is the guy who bought them trying to flip them for a roughly 100% profit on Ebay. Asshole.
Much better with jeans. The sweatpants fit just looked weird.
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