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She had a pivotal role in one of my favorite childhood movies, The Last Dragon, thus I had a huge crush on her. RIP.Also RIP to Umberto Eco.
I'd prefer my President to have a jawline. Not just the barest hint of a chin hidden among a copious amount of neck blubber.
What government has shown they won't abuse technological exploits at every opportunity? Certainly not the US.
I agree there is a definite lack of class from certain people following the death of Scalia, but posts from random Twitter accounts with 3 followers don't mean anything in the broader scheme of things.
McCain was born in Panama also. When will we finally have true Americans run for President?
I was planning on playing Iron Man once I got my bearings, but I think I'll have to wait until I download a few mods. There's quite a few timed missions that would be brutal on Iron Man. Adding only a few more turns would make it much more survivable for my poor operatives.
So many X Com operatives dead and wounded right now. Not sure I'll be able to pull it off in time to stop the alien victory. I'm not even playing Iron Man yet either though I haven't save scummed yet except for once or twice when damn near all my squad got wiped out.
I finished episode 7 last night. I'm a fan, but then again I also really enjoy the book series the show is based on. Probably some of my favorite space opera of recent memory.
This election would be awesome if it didn't determine the President of the United States.
Anecdotal account: my uncle helped run the Perot campaign in a fairly major sized city back in 92. I recall visiting and having his memorabilia and what not all over the house that year. Now he's a hardcore teaparty Republican though that label seems less important this election cycle than the last few. I haven't seen him in awhile, but there's no doubt in my mind he's a Trump fan. My predictions: Bernie by at least 10. It's his backyard and Clinton hasn't done anything...
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