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Just got one of those Knomadik shirts because it was 25% and I was curious. Pros: Long and slim Soft Cons: Entirely see through in white Fabric doesn't seem like it'd hold up well to repeated washes Seams look incredibly stupid in person An easy pass and return.
The Barney's goth ninja skate video editorial from a few years back was actually quite good. The SZ one, not so much.
Concord lows are terrible.
Your opinions couldn't be more wrong. Four Roses makes excellent bourbon. And Macallan scotch, while good if taken in a vacuum, is rather pedestrian when price and competitors are taken into account.
If you enjoyed Stoner, I encourage you to also try William's "Augustus". It's a historical epistolary novel about the emperor Augustus.
Kids have been getting stuck up for their J's since there have been J's. That's nothing new. The only thing that's different these days is those giant, retarded lines of people camping out for shoes. Only a few years ago you could scoop up limited releases for days afterwords at stores. Now if you're 5 seconds late online, they're sold out.
I'm back in all my boring splendor on the first really warm day of the year. Raen John Elliot Ann D N&F Nike
Whoops, I meant the Xbox One, not the 360.
I think it's one of those weird cropped sweatshirts from fall 2012. I'd advise against it.
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