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George Lucas Specialized Edition poster.
Trailer is fantastic. Thoroughly pumped for this.
I first heard of Reverb through you, Pio. So I have you to potentially thank for this purchase if it all goes smoothly.
Taking a chance on Reverb for this mint 2014 American Standard Strat after coming up empty on Craigslist and at local guitar shops. Now the waiting game begins.
I understand the argument and can sympathize, I just wish he didn't wait until I was on my way to pick it up to cancel on me.They already released it: Nevermind, looks like you already found it.
I was about to pick up an American Std Strat from a guy off Craigslist and the seller backed out quite literally last minute (supposed to pick it up at 6, he backed out 5:50) and told me he can't part with the guitar for emotional reasons. WTF. Dickhead.
Houston is such a terrible team.
Solid shirt.
I wish V-necks were more common. The Fender soft V fits in my hand perfectly.
4th and 2, two options:1. Give it to one of the top RBs in the league.or2. Give it to an elderly washed up QB who breaks when touched hard.
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