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That Instagram post, no matter how shitty its supporters are, does have a point though. US history aside, the only other history we learned in school was about general European/Western civilization. It does make sense as obviously the majority of our common culture, government, and people are derived from that source, but it wasn't until much later in life that I recall learning anything about the histories of Asia, Latin America, Africa, etc.
He'll always have Carcetti from The Wire to cement his legacy.
Reports have O'Malley suspending his campaign tonight.
Cruz in the lead, Trump 2nd, and Rubio a very close third. . Looks like the reports on Cruz's GOTV efforts might just be true.
I've never actually met an O'Malley supporter. I'm not entirely sure they exist beyond people who work on his campaign. He seems like a rather establishment candidate, which would make me think his supporters would go for Clinton in the 2nd ballot. But why didn't they support her in the first place when it's obvious to all O'Malley has no shot? In the end, I think his caucus goers will be entirely split between Clinton and Sanders but so small in number as to not matter in...
USPS has always been fine for me except for when I miss a package and I have to go to the post office to get it. That one is a hell hole, though it's not necessarily the fault of the employees. It's more to do with the fact it's always packed and mostly with people with poor grasp on English and only a vague idea on how the mail system works, leading to an ever increasing, molasses-paced line.
I figured we should start a new thread as this doesn't quite fit into any of the other current ones complaining about women, Muslims, or random CEness. I have Clinton and Trump winning Iowa tonight. Sanders (obviously) and Cruz both come in a close second.
Ted Cruz being super creepy. He's not the only candidate or PAC who has done something similar to this, but his definitely has the creepiest tone to it. http://journal.ijreview.com/2016/01/252498-said-undecided-iowan-received-controversial-mailer-ted-cruz/?_ga=1.27866684.1039493435.1450793485
I honestly haven't had ammo since 9mm was around $12. Looks like I was right to horde. Of course, that also means I was part of the problem.
The 2 people I know with security clearances are up in arms over the new allegations. They claim they would have been drawn and quartered for anything even remotely as bad as what Clinton did.
New Posts  All Forums: