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Besides the first Matrix and the car chase scene from Matrix 2, nothing the Wachowskis have done has been good.
It might just be that I live in Minneapolis, but he's a living legend here and is rightly considered a musical God.I've been to Paisley Park, Prince's studio/compound, a few times for parties. It's fun.
edinatlanta beat you by like 5 hours in the movie thread. That's an even bigger fail.
This gif is from the latest Fantastic Four trailer. This is Michael Bay fake movie explosion bad. And I think those are wires on the right side of the tank turret. How can CGI be so bad in 2015?
That looks amazing. I can't wait.
What kind of Tele do you have, Pio? I'm in the market for a Fender and I was all set on grabbing an American Standard Strat soon but after browsing guitar stores last week I've become conflicted. Now part of me wants to grab a both a MIM Strat (or even an older MIJ one) and Tele.
I also found an Epiphone Valve Jr. head (version 2) in pretty good condition on Craigslist for $60 that I had to snag. I'm going to turn it into a project amp and mod the hell out of it.
Updates on my odyssey for a small bedroom amp: I took my guitar around to a few different stores to try out amps, I tried all sorts of the lower end variety. Solid states one and all I had to pass on. I just couldn't do it. I briefly contemplated the Blackstar HT1R and HT5R but I didn't particularly like their tones; they felt more like a metal amp to me. I thought about the Orange Micro Terror, but the 8" cab it's paired with was too lifeless. It sounded good out of the...
I was thinking around $250 or less, but I'm flexible if it's worth it. This is mainly for noodling around in my office so it doesn't have to be top of the line.
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