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Watching that video made me realize how much shittier and more prequely Lucas made the original trilogy in all his subsequent fumblings. I'm so happy that man has finally been stopped. Now I'm hoping Disney's insatiable greed recognizes the fact that just about everyone wants the original theatrical release on bluray and they come out with a new box set.
The Strat I ordered off Reverb just arrive this morning. It honestly looks brand new, not a ding on it and barely a scratch on the pickguard, and plays like a dream. Guess who is "working" from home today?
George Lucas Specialized Edition poster.
Trailer is fantastic. Thoroughly pumped for this.
I first heard of Reverb through you, Pio. So I have you to potentially thank for this purchase if it all goes smoothly.
Taking a chance on Reverb for this mint 2014 American Standard Strat after coming up empty on Craigslist and at local guitar shops. Now the waiting game begins.
I understand the argument and can sympathize, I just wish he didn't wait until I was on my way to pick it up to cancel on me.They already released it: http://www.sweetwater.com/store/detail/THR100EDIT: Nevermind, looks like you already found it.
I was about to pick up an American Std Strat from a guy off Craigslist and the seller backed out quite literally last minute (supposed to pick it up at 6, he backed out 5:50) and told me he can't part with the guitar for emotional reasons. WTF. Dickhead.
Houston is such a terrible team.
Solid shirt.
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