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A wedding gift from way back in the late-70's from my uncle according to the note wrapped around the bottle. They wouldn't have remembered otherwise. It seemed to be stored properly from what I could tell.I was set to open it and enjoy tomorrow but I think I might have to wait for a slightly more special occasion.
I'm back at my parent's home for Thanksgiving and dug around the basement for some old things of mine. While doing so, I found this. My parents don't drink and just told me to take it. Happy Thanksgiving to me.
You sound dead inside, Jr. That looks amazing.
Fender released a new line of amps: the BassbreakerIf I recall correctly, the old Bassman served as inspiration for the Marshall JTM-45.The full product lineup is here: http://www.musiciansfriend.com/fender-bassbreaker?src=3TP5L5A
It's no surprise that ESB is the film that Lucas had the least amount of involvement in. Kershner directed and two other guys wrote the screenplay.
Luck has been shockingly awful this year.
I saw him out at a club on Friday night also. I thought weekend shenanigans were verboten for football players.
No video, . I just got back into the guitar this year after a long time off. I do have to say I've learned more this year from online resources than I ever did way back when from noodling and the tabs in the back of Guitar World.
The LP's neck is definitely thicker and has a more pronounced shoulder than the Strat. I have pretty big hands (L/XL) so I've always been fine with thicker necks. That being said, I really like Fender's Modern C shape and find it easy to play; it's one of those things where I don't even have to take it into consideration, so it must be working. The satin finish on the back makes it feel very fast, way more so than my LP.The action on both is comparable, but the LP feels...
I've been too busy playing my guitar to write about it. Nothing much else to say, it's beautiful and it plays correspondingly. I thought I'd have to bring it into my local guitar shop to get in set up, but it has a great action and has damn near perfect intonation. I do think I'm going to have to raise the pickups a bit though, they seem a bit low and all info I can find sounds like they should be a higher. Right now it sounds noticeably quieter than my Les Paul. Seems...
New Posts  All Forums: