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Yes, the watch strap is natural cxl. Here are some shots of the underside where the band sits on my wrist:      
Here is a watch strap from Hellbrand that Ed made for me. I've had it for about a month.    
Here are some shots:    People say this all the time, but the photos really don't do the leather justice. The character of the natural cxl on both the belt and collar have to be seen in person to appreciate.  
oboy,   thanks for your response. do you know how to get in touch with karl? i've tried the e-mail on their site with no luck.
Just wanted to add how great my experience with Ed from Hellbrand Leatherworks has been. I've had a natural cxl nato strap for a few weeks now and love it. Just ordered a belt, wallet and collar for my dog.   Quality materials, great work and top-notch service.
Does anyone have the RK natural selvedge canvas? Looking for a pant to wear in the summer heat. How do these look after some wear? Look a little too white brand new for my taste...   Also, wondering how accurate the measurements are on the site. I've checked a few different sites that carry these and they have different measurements. I understand there will be variations from one pair to another, but I'm hoping these come with more room in the upper leg than some...
Does anyone have the natural selvedge miner chinos? Thoughts? I really like the look of the indigo ones but thinking about the natural ones for summer. Look a little too white though in most of the pics modeled on various sites. Wondering how they look after some wear...
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