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oh man, I think I need to return the Long Branch and get those Bayfields!
I would wear those with my feet!
I am a 9.5D or 10C depending on the shoe
Burgundy shell MacNeils arrived today from the shoebank. Look nearly perfect but are too small! I tried on the same size in leather at a local store and they fit perfectly, but not so with the pair that arrived. Too bad, so sad. 
I have them in the burnished brown. What do you mean by "cracky"?
Byron, I like the look better
Thanks a lot, Chris. That's definitely an option worth looking into. Another option would be to special order a pair of Daltons with the titan (which I believe is Dainite-like) sole. I called AE today and they said the upcharge would be $75 and the shoes, of course, would be non-returnable. Any input on this guys?
Great find! But I'm actually looking for something with a rubber sole. Being that winter is coming up I thought it would be nice to have a dress-type boot with a rubber sole in the closet. 
Skye 2 but I'm not sure what size since I've never worn C&J before. Probably a 9.5 or 10
If a Canadian were so inclined to purchase a pair of C&J boots what would be the best method to accomplish this?    Edit: I searched the thread and it looks like a few people have ordered from Robert Old. Wondering if there are better/other/newer options 
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