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I think Ryback may be the best troll I've ever seen. 
I love this thread so much. 
Hard to advise given we don't know what you'll be using them for. I have both and enjoy both a great deal, you really can't go wrong with either. I know that isn't the answer you were looking for, but without knowing the circumstances you'll be wearing them it's hard to give good advice. 
Maybe try this method? http://www.styleforum.net/t/317657/removing-a-grease-spot
I would get the Dalton and I would wear it with a suit. In fact, I will be getting the Dalton, and I will be wearing it with a suit. 
doooo iiiittttt
you could try going a half-size down, though I'm not sure they'd be narrow enough for you. Cant hurt to try though. 
You made a good choice on the Vernon, my friend. The only reason I don't have them is that I just cant get them to fit right . I am a 10C and the Vernon doesn't come in a C width. I tried sizing down to a 9.5D but there wasn't enough room to wear them comfortably, so I got the Rutledge instead.    I am not 100% certain but I believe you can return/exchange shoes bought online to the B&M stores. I'm sure a more knowledgeable member will chime in on this fact, though. 
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