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brown Rutledge today   
find a new store
I love you
No idea, I bought mine from Lands End. 
That's what I am leaning toward, but the grey is pretty nice in person. Maybe I'll wait till the Bayfields show up and see how much I like them. 
I was hoping for some input from my fellow AE fans.    I bought the brown Long Branch boot, but then also purchased the Bayfield from Lands End. I also plan on getting the chocolate brown Dalton, but with a Dainite sole (special order from AE). The question is: what to do with the Long Branch? I have 3 options, really. 1. return for refund 2. exchange for the grey colour 3. keep them. I think keeping them is a bit much since I'll then have three brown boots of...
I have the Long Branch too. Trying to decide whether or not to keep them since I just ordered the Bayfield. Oh decisions. 
what size are they? Maybe I can snag them as seconds!
You guys got me all scared that the Bayfields are gonna be too narrow 
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