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agreed, stitchy is a top notch chap
I just spoke to them today and they offered free return shipping on my order (although I cannot partake since I am in Canada). 
Just ordered the Bayfield in a size 10. I am usually a 10C so the narrowness of the last should be helpful. 
I don't really like, but I'm not sure why...
What last is the Bayfield?
oh man, I think I need to return the Long Branch and get those Bayfields!
I would wear those with my feet!
I am a 9.5D or 10C depending on the shoe
Burgundy shell MacNeils arrived today from the shoebank. Look nearly perfect but are too small! I tried on the same size in leather at a local store and they fit perfectly, but not so with the pair that arrived. Too bad, so sad. 
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