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   Just to add one other piece of (likely unhelpful) information. I got to try on a 10.5C McGregor and they seemed very large. The ball of my foot seemed a bit farther back than should be, and they were hugely too wide. I know the McGregor fit a bit larger than others on the 5, so maybe its just an anomaly. 
Hi all, I'm just looking for a bit of input if possible.   I have a pair of Cornwallis in 10.5B that fit great. I want to get something from the 5 last, and am wondering how it compares to the 1943?    I can say that I tried a pair of a friend's Strands and McAllisters in 10D and the length was good, the ball of my foot is in the right spot, but they are too wide. I can easily fit 2 fingers to the side of my heel when the shoe is laced. Not an exact measurement...
What are the differences, if any, between the "classic" Jort and the "contemporary" Jort?   I tried searching the thread but couldn't find the answer, so apologies as I'm sure its covered somewhere. 
Wrong location for post
anyone have both the Bayfield and the Dalton and can comment on the length? I have Bayfield's and they are just barely long enough, anything shorter and it would be too small. I want to get the Dalton but am not sure whether to get the same size or size up. 
I was hoping for plain B.S. bannings
Walnut strands and new viccel socks for casual Friday.
Way too wide for you.
IPod cable included for patek
That's where mine were starting to crease as well. 
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