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Thought you guys might like this picture. In real life, and in most of the pictures, the shoes look identical. The light in this particular picture makes the colour quite different. Edit: midnight blue  
I like those bourbon Strands a lot. I think once worn in a bit they they will look amazing.
The right shoe cap toe on these is a bit askew. Worth making an issue over or is it close enough? They're firsts, if that matters.   
Considering my first pair of shell (likely the PA). Anyone have real-world pictures of the difference between the brown and burgundy?
Perhaps a (very?) stupid question, but does anyone know if the suede versions of the Strand fit the same as the leather? I ask because I am a 10 C on the 5 last, and the suede Strands are not offered in that width. 
Have any of you tried to change the look/colour/finish on the brown distressed leather Neumok? I'm finding them a bit boring. 
 Does anyone have any real life pictures of the "grey leather" that the Saukville boot uses? Doesn't have to be the actual boot, but I'm wondering what the grey looks like generally. Its hard to tell from their professional photos. I
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