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Anyone have any experience with the store at the Somerset Collection? Good, bad, ugly?
I'm considering going to the closest AE store to me this weekend, which unfortunately is nearly 3 hours away. Would be a fun trip plus it would be nice to get my feet measured properly. I'm convinced that the several pairs I have right now aren't right. I think I need to go longer/narrower. My shoes fit okay, but I really think they could all be better. There may be some strands, mcallisters, neumoks, and mctavishes in 10d for sale in the near future if I'm correct :(
the only solution is to eat more cheeseburgers! 
Oh man, the shoebank has brown cordovan strands in my size 
Does anyone have a phone number for the shoebank? I've emailed them three times now without response. 
oh my
I wasnt even aware that you could call the shoebank, I thought it was email only
Ive emailed the shoebank twice in the last two days with no response. Very weird. 
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