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I'll take two of these, please. 
I've just started to wear leather soled shoes on a regular basis, but am not sure what to do when the weather is less than perfect. I will be getting myself a set of Swims, but am not sure how anal I need to be about using them. Should I throw them on when the ground is wet even a little bit? Or is it okay to wear leather soled shoes when the ground is a bit wet? Any tips?
oh my! 
  It's noticeable but only when they are sitting side by side. I would keep them. 
I have a a pair of McAllisters in black and Strands in walnut. What do you chaps think I should get as my next pair? I was thinking either a pair of plain(ish) captoes or maybe a monk strap? I suppose another option would be the burgundy Cordovan Cambridges. 
    Thanks for the advice. My main "concern" is when I can wear the walnut pair. They are walnut Strands by Allen Edmonds if that makes and difference. Just not sure what colour suits they are acceptable to wear with. 
I have only just started a job where I wear a suit daily, so I am learning as I go.  I only have 3 pairs of shoes right now: walnut, black, and burgundy and I am always questioning which is appropriate for the suit I happen to be wearing that day. I'm sure this has been covered ad nauseam, so is there a thread/article/post that will help explain how to best match my shoe colour with my various suits? Thanks in advance!
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