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I agree completely. The photos on the AE website are not a very good indicator of how good a lot of the shoes look. 
I find that it has nicer proportions than the PA's, but keep in mind the shoe is a different shape entirely. And yes, they are work appropriate.      Edit: I realize the pictures arent very good, and certainly dont show the proportions of the shoe very well, but its all I've got  
check out the AE Rutledge
Not up to the specs of the rest of the thread, but I'll play :)      
Sorry for the crappy pic, but wearing the Rutledge today :)
Awesome, thanks for the pics!
  I really like both of these!
Thanks! Think I may order them this week. 
Has anyone seen the Rutledge in brown? I have only seen the walnut and the black. I am trying to decide what colour to get in this shoe so any input would be appreciated. In terms of "dress" shoes, I have the McAllister in black and the Strand in walnut. 
I would say not so subtle insult
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