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$260-20% is pretty darn close...
The rediscover america sale is, yes. 
Thanks for the heads up! Unfortunately the Dalton isn't on sale on the Amazon page :(
    Thanks for your input, gents. 
I was also looking at the Cambridge and the shell MacNeil for this very reason. I haven't seen any of the burgundy calf versions of AE shoes in person so I am not sure how they look. Any input on that?
Just looking for some input from my fellow AE fans. My current shoes are: walnut Strands, black McAllisters, black McTavish, brown Neumoks, brown Rutledge.   What would YOU buy as your next shoe? I was about to pull the trigger on some Long Branches for the Canadian winter, but then I started lusting after the Daltons as I can wear them to work and for casual wear. Granted they wont work when the snow comes, which the Long Branch would. I don't really NEED anything...
It also has two small holes drilled into one shoe (or it appears as such). I have seen this before, what does it mean when AE does this?
I dunno, but I'm on the verge of buying a pair in burgundy shell 
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