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I saw the Long Branch in grey in person this weekend and really like them. The grey is a LOT darker than the images suggest, its more of a dark charcoal than I was expecting. I think I will be getting them as a casual fall/winter boot. They are definitely chunkier than something like the Dalton, but I need a rubber sole for the snow we get. I took a picture with my phone, but it turned out terribly and the flash makes the grey look much lighter than it does in...
I think they are hideous, but that's just my opinion. 
McAllister by a mile
They remind me of the Allen Edmonds Strand, which I own in walnut colour. I really like the colour of yours though, I may look into a pair.   
I really like these shoes!
your buttons are malfunctioning, sir
oh, I get it
I'm in Canada and I have several pairs of US made shoes. Does that count?
Thanks for your input, Chris. I think I am going to get a pair, now I just need to decide on colour. I was leaning toward the dark brown, but lately the grey has been catching my attention too. One thing going against grey though is I dont think they'd work with grey pants. Decisions decisions!    Edit: and now I'm looking on the AE site and the lighter brown looks darn nice too!
You chaps have any opinions on the Long Branch boot? I am thinking about picking them up as a casual fall/winter boot. I live in Canada, so I do get snow. I thought they would be great to wear with jeans or any kind of casual pant really. And having the rubber sole would be beneficial for the winter months I'd reckon. At some point I also want to get a pair of Daltons, but since they have a leather sole I don't think they would work very well as a winter boot up here. 
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