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Hard to advise given we don't know what you'll be using them for. I have both and enjoy both a great deal, you really can't go wrong with either. I know that isn't the answer you were looking for, but without knowing the circumstances you'll be wearing them it's hard to give good advice. 
Maybe try this method?
I would get the Dalton and I would wear it with a suit. In fact, I will be getting the Dalton, and I will be wearing it with a suit. 
doooo iiiittttt
you could try going a half-size down, though I'm not sure they'd be narrow enough for you. Cant hurt to try though. 
You made a good choice on the Vernon, my friend. The only reason I don't have them is that I just cant get them to fit right . I am a 10C and the Vernon doesn't come in a C width. I tried sizing down to a 9.5D but there wasn't enough room to wear them comfortably, so I got the Rutledge instead.    I am not 100% certain but I believe you can return/exchange shoes bought online to the B&M stores. I'm sure a more knowledgeable member will chime in on this fact, though. 
when I tried the self-measuring guide it told me I was 2 sizes bigger than I thought. Then I realized that my printer's size options were set to "fit" instead of "actual size". The credit card outline they have is quite helpful!
very underrated shoe imo. enjoy!
thread of the week 
this is the correct answer. 
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