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Same boots as yesterday 
good thread
Another pic of the Bayfields. Wearing them around the office to see how they feel.   
Wearing these around the office in order to decide whether to keep them. Yes, they're too casual for the setting. No, they don't match the outfit.   BONUS: iPod cord for Patek!  
They should be quite snug at first as they will definitely stretch. As to how much tightness is acceptable, only you can answer that.    edit: if it helps, my Rutledges were borderline painful at first but now fit wonderfully. 
Awesome, thanks. I plan on ordering the Daltons but with a different sole so I won't be able to return them if they don't fit. 
Does anyone have both the Bayfields and the Daltons? Was curious how the fit is between the two. I assume they fit very similarly, but figured I'd ask. 
I have no idea what the frequency of Lands End sales are. I have no idea whether you can get AE to make you a pair in any size, and I'm almost positive you can't get them in a C width. 
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