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  Not the best pictures, but just snapped these:Edit for future searchse: Saukville olive suede 6065  
Yes, they are the Saukville. I like them a lot, they are very comfortable. They are not as...structured(?) as some other boots, which I guess is because of the material. By this I mean that they are not as supportive as they are so soft. I found that they are just a tad more narrow than others on the 511 last, but wouldn't recommend changing sizes based on this. I would buy again.  No Higgins Mill, I know, I'm a failure! But I swear, the 1000 mile boots I have a very...
Sorry, can't help with that. It's just the default that the forum gave me.
I really like the First Ave.What is the general sizing advice on them compared to the 5 or 1 lasts?
These just arrived. Not too sure about them yet.
I do have some Wolverine 1000 mile boots which are similar to the HM (I think)The FAs are actually brown. The McGregor in the second row are chili. Phone cameras aren't the best!Thank you both for your input
Thanks. I definitely need some plain toed additions- was looking at the Carlyle recently but wasn't familiar with their sizing.
Any suggestions on what to get next? (I did just order some cordovan Daltons)
Neumok in brown distressed. Happy Monday everyone. 
Hoping for input on the Robert last as compared to some Allen Edmonds shoes I own.   On the AE 5 last (Strand, Park Ave, Fifth Ave) I am a 10D. On the 511 last (Dalton, Long Branch, Saukville) I am a 10.5B.    Looking at the Carmina Autumn Brogue and the Wingtip Derby, both of which are on the Robert last. 
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