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They are from Suitsupply. Material is called "blue birds eye" by Zignone.
Happy Monday everyone  
Definitely a great price. When I ordered I was told they would be at least 6-weeks to be made and delivered. I got a shipping notification within 2-days- no complaints here!
These guys showed up yesterday. Wearing them around the office today to break them in a bit.   Edit: my first pair of shell. What do I need to do to take care of these? Any particular products required?    
I am in lust with the Hannover!
These showed up today. Surprised how roomy they are compared to 5 last shoes in same size. They'll have to go back
Sold!   Sizing compared to the 5 or the 511 last?
Non-AE content today, and the reason I keep resisting the Higgins Mill (hopefully you'll all be able to convince me I need both).   Wolverine 1000 mile    
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