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Considering my first pair of shell (likely the PA). Anyone have real-world pictures of the difference between the brown and burgundy?
Perhaps a (very?) stupid question, but does anyone know if the suede versions of the Strand fit the same as the leather? I ask because I am a 10 C on the 5 last, and the suede Strands are not offered in that width. 
Have any of you tried to change the look/colour/finish on the brown distressed leather Neumok? I'm finding them a bit boring. 
 Does anyone have any real life pictures of the "grey leather" that the Saukville boot uses? Doesn't have to be the actual boot, but I'm wondering what the grey looks like generally. Its hard to tell from their professional photos. I
I see some recent discussion about the Saukville boots. I've never seen them before today on the AE site. I see they have a grey leather version, which is very similar to the Long Branch in grey. Is this a replacement of that boot but with a softer sole?
I very recently got these and worn about 6 times so far. The way the creasing is forming so close to the broguing is kind of perplexing. Any thoughts?
I have narrow feet (B-ish), but also a low instep. I run into problems because if I go narrow enough to get decent snugness across the top of the arch, the toe area is too narrow and my pinky toe pays the price. Alternatively, if I stay wide enough for the toes, its too loose elsewhere. This varies between lasts, but it seems pretty universal in what I've tried so far. Any suggestions? I can use tongue pads which helps a bit, just looking for other opinions. 
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