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Crane's, out of curiosity, how long do you expect that muddied up pair of 1000 mile boots--or any other that you own--to last before they need to be replaced? 
This is unreal!  Thanks for posting.  Makes the abuse mine see look downright amateur by comparison.
Just bought the Filson Boot Oil and the Obenauf's LP. 
Thank you.  Great information!
Crane's, is Filson Boot Oil good to use on chromexcel and cordovan?  Or is it good for just one of the types of leather?  Also, what's the difference between Filson's Boot Oil and the Obenauf Leather Protector that they sell?  I know you've gone over this stuff, but I've been searching through the threads and with the hundreds of pages, I'm having a hard time locating your thoughts.  
Crane's, I'm curious as to whether you'll be getting the 744s?  If so, are you going to put them through the ringer the way you have your other 1000 miles?  Would love to see another thread like this one.
I have a few pairs of 1000 Mile Boots, including the 721s.  This doesn't look egregious.  I wouldn't worry.  I can do similar things if I start pressing down on the sole of my boots, and I'm not really concerned.  If it starts to separate more noticeably without applying pressure to the sole then maybe you should call Wolverine, but I really wouldn't worry at this point.    
Anyone know anything about them?  I just found the company.  They seem to use Horween leather on all of their jackets.  They have a few cool looking ones, and I like the idea of having a leather jacket that I can break in/use for years; but I'm also worried about the sizing. I tend to go for a slimmer, more modern fits.  Anyone know if these jackets fit that bill?  Or do they just kind of look like one of those boxy leather jackets you can get in discount leather...
I have the 721s in a size 9 and I have the original 1000 miles in a size 9.  They both fit me perfectly.  My understanding is that the 744 was built on the same last as the 721, so it is going to be the exact same size.  They should, therefore, also be the same size as the original 1000 miles.
Thanks very much.  Just glad the tux finally fits!
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