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+1 Notice how in the first pic both of your collar tips seem to be sitting on top of your lapels? This shouldn't happen. Shoulders definitely look to be too big but this could also just be due to your self photography stance. The fit in the body looks as though it right, although it is very hard to tell.   Would be great to get someone else take the photos for you so that we can see the sleeve and jacket length as well.   Out of curiosity, is the suit colour black,...
If the material is the same then there should be little difference between brand name shoe trees unless they are a specifically shaped last for a specific shoe, i.e. when you buy bespoke shoes it is common place to recieve a pair of shoe trees specifically for those shoes as they will keep the shoe as close to its original and intended shape.   TIP: cedar shoe trees are the best for many reasons but bespoke shoe trees are often made from a range more luxurious woods...
Great colour combos! I particularly dig the brown wondowpane  and the blue DB
I agree that the jacket does look somewhat on the tight side. You are fortunate to have a good figure, which IMO allows you to be able to pull off this more 'fashionable' look of the shorter/tighter SC. However, keep in mind that fashion is fleeting but style is timeless.  
Cant help but think that the tie knot looks off in some way. At first glance it looks a bit too small in proportion. Maybe its the cutaway collar that is thrwoing this off?
Grey suits aren't really my taste but fit looks pretty spot on and that tie … Not sure about the pale blue shirt with grey suit though, maybe a crisp white shirt would make this outfit pop but this could just be my personal taste coming through.
That said, what are some of the countries that you suggest we be weary of?
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