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Is this the camo fabric he used?  I think you can see the zip jacket in the back of the rack, but I could be wrong.  
Happy to see LF did something with their website.  
Monitaly raglan zip jacket from the Fall 10 collection.  The black version was much better.
Not sure why but jean fit seems off, but maybe its the photo.  Like top half.
Why do you have acne between your eyes?  Clean floor and make bed.  Like jacket.
Does Givenchy have the same designer sorry, "creative director"?  The star thingys look familiar but that silhouette on the white/black shoes looks different.  Almost has the old Converse "weapon" feel.  
I thought they were in Basildon.  Maybe that is were their warehouse is.  I do admit the UK is way different then what you see in the US so I don't doubt you.  I didn't realize that LN-CC was in the fucking ghetto.  I talk to someone there at least once a day, it seems, as I buy tons of stuff from them so I will give them a hard time.    LN-CC is the best retailer around right now by a large margin so maybe I'm wrong.  Have fun, I hear their retail store is just fucking...
Not its not.  The stores aren't in the ghetto.  I don't feel any "edgier" when I shop there.  LA is just a strange city.  But most cities I have been in don't have high-end retail in a "slum."
I don't remember what I paid.  They were much more then a hundred though.  I didn't understand the dudes post so I just agree, lol.  Perhaps he doesn't know what Lanvin pieces looks like, whatever the case I don't care one way or the other.
Yeah, there are a lot of gay people in west hollywood.  But its weird, a few miles in one direction you have some of the most exclusive retail shops around or you could go a few miles the other and your'e in the fucking ghetto.  LA is a strange place.
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