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I must say that the Unbranded 101's that I received a few days ago are absolutely fantastic. The fitting is excellent as well; I couldn't even do any of the buttons on the first fit (the jeans felt like tights honestly), but it quickly expanded as it wore around the house. I'm quite happy with having sized down 1. Looking forward to seeing the fade on those bad boys too.
Sorry, I'm not familiar with their sizing, and I don't really trust sizing charts in general. Can you provide the measurements?
Are you selling them separately, or only doing $80 for the 6?
Can you provide their widths?
You're selling them for retail price..?
Anyone have a picture of theĀ Hairline Grid StripeĀ color? The zoom-in photo is a bit too blurry so I'm not sure how solid-colored it really is. I'm hesitant on paying the absurdly high shipping fees to find out.
Having just visited many stores on the search for the perfect-fitted, affordable OTR shirt, I made the following ranking based on how slim the shirts are, in general (not taking specific measurements, etc.). For reference, I'm 5'8'', 145lb, ~10% BF (14'' neck, 33'' sleeve, 36-37'' chest, 29'' waist). The price ranges are what I expect to buy for, when they're on really good sale. Also, please be aware that everything is biased, based on my own...
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