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yup... and id rather be overdressed than underdressed =)
Yes I agree with you that suits should be worn for special events. But what makes it only for special events? What if you want to look nice while going to the movies or dinner out with a friend? It's all about presentation and if you want to look like and feel like a million bucks, then why not?  And obviously you would have to care because it takes more work to suit up then it does to throw on a t shirt and jeans.   And to clarify what I mean by me "respecting a man...
Lately I have been getting into style. Not fashion, I do not care for what is in anymore and what the "young" kids are wearing. I'm currently becoming very conscious about how I look, feel, how I can stand out from a crowd, how I can look attractive, etc. I am a 26 year old male and I do work in an office setting, i'm not a manager or supervisor. My position is very low (working my way up), and i'm not even a college graduate, hell, no one even wears a suit at my job and...
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