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I really like the stowas.. ended up going IWC last time but may pick up this one some time soon
yup, allen edmonds entire site is down... whoops
damn, it hit slickdeals and the site is going super slow - hope I can get my order in got it, many colors appear to be sold out STYLE \t DESCRIPTION \t SIZE \t STATUS \t QTY \t AMOUNT 576 \tPremium Shoe Polish Dark Brown \t\tIn-Stock \t1 \t$9.00 572 \tPremium Shoe Polish Black \t\tIn-Stock \t1 \t$9.00 597 \tPremium Shoe Polish Mocha \t\tIn-Stock \t1 \t$9.00 Total Items: \t3 Subtotal: \t$27.00 Shipping: \t$0.00 Sales Tax: \t$0.00 Total: \t$3.00
rarely lists the top cashback percentage anymore - still listing 8% from oct. Quote: Originally Posted by musicguy http://twitter.com/Wulgaru/ /thread Seriously, no more discussion is needed. That twitter user has been updating his feed with the latest cash back keywords for practically a year now.
thankfully its only 35 bucks
one more drop I guess
one last drop, 399 and then it goes away for the spring. Good luck ever finding one of these for this price new
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