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Just wondering, are the RRL straight (not the low straight) being phased out? only a few pair left in the store and they seem to be very hard to find at a discount on both ebay and the forum. It seems like most at a discount are slim and low straight.
Thanks Pea. I didn't have much time to confirm measurements but I'm pretty sure the 33" is the total length. Hope it works out
Ebay. Peacoat from the 40's or 50's.
Price drop
Thanks Rick! I just placed an order for 4 pair.
Would someone with a WWII peacoat in size 36-40 (preferably size 38) mind sending me the total length of the jacket? I'm looking at a few of these and it looks like the length varies a good amount for some reason.
If anyone decides to part with a pair in size 32 or 33 please shoot me a pm
How does one get the additional 15% in store? (also) for the post above me. I tried on the RL wax jacket and ended up going with a Barbour Bedale. I liked the fit/fabric of the Bedale more than the RL.
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