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Looking for Yount pants in size 34
first and only price drop.
Selling a Brooks Brothers down winter jacket that I purchased this past February. This was purchased at the Brooks Brothers store in downtown Denver and was worn for a few days only (during that trip). Jacket is in excellent condition and I'm pretty bummed it no longer fits after dropping some weight. I paid $325 (on sale from $475 if I remember correctly) and I'm selling for $99 plus shipping. Measurements: Chest 23" Shoulder 19.25" Length BoC: 32" Sleeve: 25.75"
WWII peacoat I posted a few pages back isn't' working out as it's abit too big on me. If anyone is interested in an excellent condition WWII peacoat in 40R, shoot me a pm.
I tried those wool pant on at the RRL store a few days ago and they are really nice. Size 32 fit me fine (I'm usually a size 33). I'd grab that at $100 or less but still not a bad price.
thigh is 11.75"
Selling a pair of Eternal 811 that I picked up from blue in green about a year ago. These have been washed once about 6 months ago and recently dry cleaned a week ago. They are tagged size 32 but the waist fits like a 33. There is some wear to the button holes (pictured) but all of them function correctly. Looking for $85 shipped to CONUS. Waist: 16.4" Raise: 10.75" Insteam 30" Bottom 8.25"
Selling a pair of essentially NWOT Valantini Sartora pants I picked up from shopthefinest a few weeks ago. I had the waist altered to a 33W (from the tagged 34) and had the inseam altered to 29.5". Unfortunately, they are still abit too slim for me and I thought I'd check for interest before shelling out more cash for the alterations. These were worn exactly one time for about 2 hours and they are mint/in new condition. I'd easily put the construction ahead of...
Very nice G&G Oxfords in 9D.
WOW! what a fucking nightmare. Best of luck on a speedy recovery!
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