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price drop
Today it's Honor Man Amouage
Those are actually mine. Not many watchers so they should go cheap
Looking for Yount pants in size 34
first and only price drop.
Selling a Brooks Brothers down winter jacket that I purchased this past February. This was purchased at the Brooks Brothers store in downtown Denver and was worn for a few days only (during that trip). Jacket is in excellent condition and I'm pretty bummed it no longer fits after dropping some weight. I paid $325 (on sale from $475 if I remember correctly) and I'm selling for $99 plus shipping. Measurements: Chest 23" Shoulder 19.25" Length BoC: 32" Sleeve: 25.75"
WWII peacoat I posted a few pages back isn't' working out as it's abit too big on me. If anyone is interested in an excellent condition WWII peacoat in 40R, shoot me a pm.
I tried those wool pant on at the RRL store a few days ago and they are really nice. Size 32 fit me fine (I'm usually a size 33). I'd grab that at $100 or less but still not a bad price.
thigh is 11.75"
Selling a pair of Eternal 811 that I picked up from blue in green about a year ago. These have been washed once about 6 months ago and recently dry cleaned a week ago. They are tagged size 32 but the waist fits like a 33. There is some wear to the button holes (pictured) but all of them function correctly. Looking for $85 shipped to CONUS. Waist: 16.4" Raise: 10.75" Insteam 30" Bottom 8.25"
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