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Nice recommendation! does anyone know if these come with the commando sole as an option or if shoemart could install a different bottom?
Where would be the best place to purchase Alden Little Tank's Or Vintage Indy Boot? The online stores appear to be sold out unless I am missing something. On a side note, if anyone is selling either of these in size US 9D, please shoot me a pm
Also trying to figure out what shoes to take to Europe for my next trip in a few months. I've typically taken desert boots/casual shoes but thinking about picking up a pair of Alden boots.
US based
Charcoal Bayswater Thinsulate Peacoats in size S ringing up for $130 after discount at Jcrew today.
Yet another item that would have sold in a matter of days on the old f/s forum. Sure wish they were my size.
You can try RRL Straight (not low straight).
Thanks guys. Lots of low ball offers but still available. These would have been gone in a matter of days on the old f/s forum
What a deal
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