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Damn! been looking for a pair of those in US 9D for about a year now :/
+1 on nothing at 70% really. It's also tiring to have US 9D, Medium, 38-40R sold out everywhere on sale :/ time to stretch the feet to a 11.5E and pack on 60lbs.
Updated price
Looking for a new or used pair of these wingtips in size US 8.5. US Based.
Selling a brand new in box pair of Bayside Moccasins by SeeVees. I purchased these from Jcrew and they are abit too narrow for me. I think they would fit a US 8.5D perfectly but YMMV. Price includes shipping to US.
Selling an almost new pair of Wolverine 1000 mile in Rust. I purchased these about a month ago and have worn them 5 times if that (and only once for the entire day). The boots have some nics/stratches on them but are in otherwise perfect condition. Paid $325 from blackbird and looking for $235 shipped in US only.
That really didn't answer my question
Can anyone else with Chamois Longwing Blucher's from Leffot comment on how these fit? Considering sizing down to 8D from 9D since that's the only size left and I've heard these fit abit large (for Barrie).
Final drop. Going to the bay later tonight
Necro. Love that look. Going to try out the natural indys. Hopefully sizing down from a 9D to 8E in barrie will work. If not, to the f/s they go.
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