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Thanks guys. How much more narrow is the Barrie from the Trubalance? I could easily have gone with a 8D instead of a 8E in the trubalance. Will that also be the case with the Barrie or is it a good bit more narrow? The modified last in 8E fits me perfectly.
Can anyone tell me if this is the Trubalance or Barrie last? Size is 8E
Natural ^
I called to check on pricing and they are going to be $568 when received next week. Ths is a good bit higher than shoemart and I think I'm going to pass.
Does anyone have the modified last natural indy from moulded? if so, do you know the price?
Nice boots! (vanguard) do you know if those are n the Barrie or Trubalance last?
Just received these mismatched natural indys from the shoemart as seconds. I sized down 1 from 9D to 8E and the left (appears to be Modified) fits perfectly while the right (appears to be trubalance) is slightly wide and has a higher arch. Almost impossible to tell that they are mismatched lasts when looking at them but not sure if I'm going to keep them due to the arch fit. It would have been nice if shoemart specified this before buying. I think I'm going to return...
I've never seen RRL @ 75% off at the ATL store. When was this?
^ +1
^ Barrie I had thought but it looks like Trubalance :/
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