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Now that winter is almost over, if anyone is considering selling some longwings/bluchers or walkers with commando soles in size US 9D, shoot me a pm They are needed for a trip in a few weeks.
I'd take a 335 over the coats. Welcome back!
Do not buy either for those. Use the search feature to find out what to buy. I'd personally be looking at RRL on the B&S and/or ebay for around 100.
Mabitex and Brooks Brothers Milano in size 33/34 waist at good starting price.
Factory error. They have identical markings inside each shoe.
Indeed. They were sold as seconds (with a savings of $200) and listed as Barrie last shoes. I only discovered that was not the case after I received them.
Thanks for the response. I guess I'm confused on how they can both be on the modified last yet look and fit so differently? The shoe on the top fits very narrow and looks like the pictures of the modified last while the bottom shoe (as pictured) looks and fits much more wide.
Thanks guys. How much more narrow is the Barrie from the Trubalance? I could easily have gone with a 8D instead of a 8E in the trubalance. Will that also be the case with the Barrie or is it a good bit more narrow? The modified last in 8E fits me perfectly.
Can anyone tell me if this is the Trubalance or Barrie last? Size is 8E
Natural ^
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