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Cheap Cucinelli sportcoat for the 40R masses.
Selling off a few shirts that no longer fit. The first two are TM Lewin Slim Fit and are new with tags. Both of the Lewin shirts fit slim, have the higher end fabric (retail $145+), button cuff on the check shirt/french cuff on the stripe shirt and have no front pocket. The Brooks Brothers shirt was purchased at the factory outlet in NC and never worn. It is the standard/full cut with front pocket and tagged 16-34 (although the sleeves fit closer to a 33.5 and the...
Price Drop. Lots of interest but still available. Several questions on the fit and pattern. I'd say the fit is on the slim side and the weight of the coat is a bit heavier. The stripe is very subtle and hard to detect unless standing right next to the coat. I'll be returning this over the weekend if unsold.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to regret selling these but trying to fund another purchase. The shoes are very soft chocolate suede wingtips for the Borrelli Luxury Vintage collection. Original retail was $900 and included is the box, bags and shoes (trees not included). Wear is very minimal and I've worn these 5 times if that. They fit true to size 9D and are tagged UK/EU 8. Looking for a quick sale a $275 shipped.
I've used both in the past and have been happy more or less with the results. I have some inexpensive items I don't want to pay a premium for alteration though. Is Neil at Sid or somewhere else?
Necro. Looking for someone outside of mario/sid for cheap alterations ITP. Does anyone have any other suggestions? I was thinking about trying hong kong on Buford but not so sure.
Never had luck with that in ATL.
If anyone picked up a pair of Marlow Wingtip's that fit true to size 9D and they aren't working out, shoot me a pm
Did you buy a pair of Marlow Wingtip's from the Polo sale and they didn't work out? Do the shoes fit true to size 9D? I'll take um!
price drop
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