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Pretty surprised on the lack of interest on what many (including myself) consider to be grail shoes. Especially if you look historically at the same exact pair/size selling quickly with many comments/feedback. I've seen this trend with several items that I've posted recently and I'm thinking it must be the new format of the b/s. Maybe it's due to users listing 10+ items individually instead of one thread that is bumped more than once a week + new users not knowing that...
price drop
I was going to list these on ebay tomorrow but thought I'd check here for interest first. This is a simply amazing pair of John Lobb Phillip II's from the Prestige collection. These are brand new and in medium/dark brown museum calf. I also have the matching trees if wanted. I can post pics tomorrow if needed (posted pic is borrowed but same as the shoe I'm selling). Off to ebay:...
This is one of the best snow boots out there.. Many use these daily in the snow/poor weather.
Selling a pair of Sorel Men's 1964 Premium T Boots that I purchased at Neiman Marcus in Denver last year. I wore these exactly one time for about an hour before realizing that they're just too large for me (I'm a size 9D). I'm selling in order to fund another pair .5 size smaller. Boots are in new/perfect condition.
Selling a RRL White Henley that was rarely worn. The tagged size is Large but it fits more like a Medium. Original retail was around $185 and looking for a quick sale at $45. Chest 21.25 Sleeves (from top) 26" Shoulder seam to seam 17.5" Length 16"
Selling a pair of Levis Capital E's that were rarely worn. I paid around $200 for these several years ago and lost weight shortly after buying. There is some fraying around the bottom of the pant legs but all in all in excellent condition. These are tagged size 33 but would fit a 35/36 better. Looking for $35 shipped CONUS. Waist 17.75" Rise 10" Inseam 31" Tagged: 33 Model: Hersher
For sale is a pair of Sugar Cane 40285 jeans (1947 cut w/ arcs and tabs) W32xL34. I purchased these several years ago and have worn them once (about 2 years ago). The color is black and the fabric in the closeup of the tab in the back is the most accurate color/texture. Looking for $125 shipped CONUS. More pics of the same jeans/wash to see what they look like normally (without the camera flash): http://selvagejean.com/2010/12/08/sugar-cane-1947-sc40285-grey-w29-l32/
Does anyone know of a maker with a similar/cut fit to Levis 513? I'd just purchase another pair of 513's but they are not offered in raw as of yet. Thanks for any help
Correct. Also the leather quality is considerably better than the regular line (as in the best) on the prestige models that I've handled.
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