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  Thanks for your feedback.  Do you think the sleeves are a bit long as well?  Is there enough room to fix that without moving the buttons? (working buttonholes...)
Suit Supply navy wool Havana in 38r... Ordered in both 36 and 38 as 36 is my usual size, but the 36 was just too tight all around.  I really don't know much about fit, though I can tell that the back looks off... maybe needs to be let out right above the vents.  Do the shoulders look ok?  Thanks           Also, apologies for the choice of pants, which are likely giving you a headache about now.
(double post)
Added some walnut/brown Sheltons to my collection during the last seconds sale, but I'm worried about the stitching along the sole:   The stitching is exposed for an inch or two instead of being hidden in the recess.  Is this something that you'd worry about wearing out quickly?  If the threads wear down in that spot, could that lead to the entire sole becoming unstitched?
New Posts  All Forums: