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With the warm weather coming, do ppl rock the JE elongated tanks with shorts? I wonder how that would look
no, thanks for the info! it helped when i found a few to actually try on. i got a weird upper body shape
Tried on a small today and the arms were tight as hell on me. No way I could've fit into an xs even at 138lbs and 5'4. Tried on a medium and it felt more relaxed and comfortable but felt like the sweatshirt was slightly too long. Ended up picking up the small grey villain in hopes that the arm sleeves would loosen up with wear. 
Anyone got the Diemme Marostica Lows? How do they fit? They look like great minimal sneakers but I can't find much info on them.
How thick are the Villain hoodies? Do you guys wear them in the upcoming summer months?
Going to purchase my first he piece. I like the villain side zip hoodie. I'm 5'4 135lbs. Is small an ideal size? Also, what's a good layering piece underneath?
I'm returning something back to the Netherlands and USPS listed these max dimensions.   Max. length 60", max. length plus girth combined 108"   What does that mean? My package is 12" x 8" x 6". I'm assuming that falls under those max dimensions listed by USPS? Thanks
Anyone try to return shoes overseas with success? I ordered some filling pieces that are too small but ups and FedEx wants like $175 to ship them back to the Netherlands. How do you guys ship shoes back overseas?
What's the difference between the briefcase and a messenger? I take it the messenger will simply be smaller?
So after reading through pages and pages, I think someone mentioned that there are NO interior pockets for the duffels right? Can someone confirm? Interior pockets would be very useful in storing valuables, say passports or cash. I wouldn't want to store valuables in an exterior pocket.
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