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you mean the 41 overshirt? I'm usually a S in JE, but the S in the 41 was fairly tight in the chest when buttoned. A lot of ppl said to size up on the snap flannels.
The extra fine broadcloth shirts in xs fit me perfectly. Anyone know of any alternative brands of higher quality that fit similar to uniqlo? Taylor stitch shirts come close but the the arms are too billowy. Jcrew chests are too tight.
For me, the snug armpits stretched out after a couple of wears.
That's pretty sweet. Something like that would work in my walk in. Any idea where I can get something like that?
are you talking about something like this?http://www.containerstore.com/s/closet/hanging-bags/indigo-6-compartment-hanging-sweater-bag/12d?productId=10031156
How do you guys store/organize your JE shirts, hoodies, etc? I don't hang any of the clothing because of unwanted shoulder bumps. I've just been tossing them on a top shelf in my closet and it's proving to be too messy/unorganized. 
the plaid shirts in the lookbook are dope! The red looks like a revised 41 overshirt I have from a couple of seasons ago. JE needs to do more button ups as the fits are great.
any current fwrd codes?
interesting how JE went back to using Nike's and such for their shoes. Didn't see a lot of JE specific kicks.
you can just re-watch it. FF to 11:00 mark
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