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Those henleys look ridiculous. I don't see anyone being able to wear them as a single layer alone unless you're at least Swaggy P's height
he was just being douchey
Lol. Tie them up before you take a shit
i wear heattech long johns under my boarding pants. They work well.
I have experience with the RT's and apc's. the sk's are not less skinny than the pns. The stantons might be more suitable for you as they have a little more room. But yea, go to blue owl's website and compare the measurements to your current apc's
Really digging the current flannel shirt release. Feels more fitted than their other current casual shirts, and material is good. Need to pickup a few more. The heavy flannel feels nice and thick, but I wish the checkered patterns weren't as wide.
Yea I wish my stantons were more tapered. Consensus with getting selvedge denim tapered requires going to a denim specialist? I guess your normal mom and pop dry cleaners are a no no?
good cust service. 20% code should make up for cancellations.
Fishtails aren't popular because they're not a basic piece you can put a lot of wear in.
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