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Thighs look super tight. Hopefully it's got some room.
Just picked up my first TS piece- the everyday chambray in 36. The quality and fit is great. I only wished the arms were a little bit more fitted and tailored, but overall nice shirt regardless.
Interested in trying my first Gitman Vintage. How do these shirts fit, say compared to a mass produced button up like Uniqlo or Jcrew? Are they slim fitting? For reference, an x-small uniqlo chambray fits me pretty well at 5'5 138lbs.
Just curious, for the waxed duffels, do they attract tons of lint? I brought out the navy duffel one time and it's covered in white lint.
Do gitman shirts fit similar to uniqlo classic fit shirts? I like the way uniqlo xs fits
Anyone know if there's a difference between the men and women common projects? I'm a Sz 7 men and it's a little difficult finding eu 38 and 39's. However, women's have those sizes available.
Anyone going for the new chuck 2's?
Just picked up a long sleeve raglan t. The fit and material is spot on. Will pickup a lightweight crew next. Hopefully the fit is similar.
Any info on new denim?
Word lol
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