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Are all rogue jeans 35"+ inseam? I like the look of the fit but I have short legs. I'll need to hem them to a 28" or so. Will that make the pants look out of proportion and boot cut like?
forgot to mention i have short legs at 5'4 so i'll need to hem the pants to about a 29". I heard some ppl saying the leg looks too wide after hemming.
Can someone recommend me some jeans? I have short legs at 5'4 140lbs, 28 waist size. I have a pair of APC PNS size 27 and they fit ok.. but I wanted something with a more normal rise and maybe a bit more room in thighs. I love the slim tapered look as such as the Rogue Territory Stantons.    Also have a question regarding the inseam. If I get a pair of denim with say a 36" inseam, and and I hem them to about 29", won't they look out of proportion after the hem? For...
Just received my raw black pair of APC PS size 27. I sized down 1 from my natural waist but the waist is too big as I can easily stick my whole hand down the back. Weird thing is I have a pair of PNS Indigo in size 27 and the waist isn't as big. The thigh and leg area is pretty tight already. I don't think sizing down to 26 would work.   So I'm thinking I need a different cut altogether- maybe the New Standards. Will a size 26 NS work better? Only thing is I'm a little...
Selling a brand new with tags pair of APC Petit Standard raw black jeans in size 27. Only looking for $150+ shipping. Sells for $185 in stores.
quick question. do all apc PS or PNS come in a 35" length inseam?
Does apc offer black PNS? I don't really see black around.
Yes these are the petit new standard. I'm loving the fit even more after a few wears, but the waist def stretched out.
I'm loving the new fit of the Innovator pants by Express. It's their slimmest fit in their line of pants and they work well with my leg shape. However, these wrinkle a little too easily. I'm looking for some alternative pants that offer a similar fit. Any ideas? 
Forsome reason, I noticed in a lot of apc fit pics, the bottom rear pockets protrude and there is a little fold that forms in that area. The PNS pair that I have does the same thing
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