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why would you spend $1400 on gap clothing? Why don't you just buy the real thing?
4 inches shorter? That may be good for us short folks lol
That rider does not look good. What's up with the huge arm sleeves?
Yoox has 15% off everything today. Does anyone know if they have any acne thin stay cash? None of their items have product names on them.
Trying to figure out how to search for the other pieces.Nm just google John elliott gap. The Pieces look so.. roomy.
Need some new sleepwear. Airism lounge pants sound perfect but they've been out of stock for the past couple of months. I hope they release something similar soon
Size 8 small feet gang here. I measured my rag & bone fit 1 and they're a 5.25" hem. They seem to work.
I'll have no issues with putting my foot through the hem. How would you guys taper this if calves are already fitted? Leave knees but hard taper at calves down? Thinking of doing 5.25" hem.
New Posts  All Forums: