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Any info on new denim?
Word lol
More taper in the new line sounds tempting. Can't wait for the new release.
Gustin's jeans are eating up those sneakers. They should model some slimmer fitting jeans with a more narrow opening to show off the aesthetics of the shoes.
I want that tan / white sole sneaker as shown in the emails. I guess that's the next run. I'll wait to see what the next run will offer. Hopefully not $250 also
No size 7's? Eu 40 or eu 39 is a common size..
The seat of my PNS 27's are still too tight after a couple of months. It feels like it's clenching my buttcheeks together.  Does the seat area loosen up over time? 
I bought the Stanton 14.5 tonals last year and I due to my work schedule which requires me to wear dress clothes, I haven't had any chances to wear denim. Only wore them once after I bought them for a couple of hours. If anyone's interested in sz 27 hemmed to 28.5" by karl, shoot me a PM. 
Just received the navy duffel. The bag is really nice and feels super durable with its thick canvas. Looks like it will take a nice beating. The bag would be even better if there were inside pockets for better organization, and the outside pockets having zippers or a button snap to prevent items from falling out. That and maybe the bag being shorter with a bigger circumference (keeping same volume). But this is just preference. All in all, very solid bag!
Those new shoes look clean. Hope sizing is more straightforward and Tts than CP sizing. How are returns going to work for shoes?
New Posts  All Forums: