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Just curious, for the waxed duffels, do they attract tons of lint? I brought out the navy duffel one time and it's covered in white lint.
Do gitman shirts fit similar to uniqlo classic fit shirts? I like the way uniqlo xs fits
Anyone know if there's a difference between the men and women common projects? I'm a Sz 7 men and it's a little difficult finding eu 38 and 39's. However, women's have those sizes available.
Anyone going for the new chuck 2's?
Just picked up a long sleeve raglan t. The fit and material is spot on. Will pickup a lightweight crew next. Hopefully the fit is similar.
Any info on new denim?
Word lol
More taper in the new line sounds tempting. Can't wait for the new release.
Gustin's jeans are eating up those sneakers. They should model some slimmer fitting jeans with a more narrow opening to show off the aesthetics of the shoes.
I want that tan / white sole sneaker as shown in the emails. I guess that's the next run. I'll wait to see what the next run will offer. Hopefully not $250 also
New Posts  All Forums: