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looks great on you. What's your height if you don't mind me asking?
I'm looking for some light wash denim. Can anyone comment on the softness of the Cast 2 jeans in the Coast wash? After wearing denim with stretch for years, I don't know if I can go back to non stretch.  
Sorry for another Chelsea sizing question. I usually wear 7-7.5 in sneakers and 6.5 in dress shoes. I have short but wide feet. 39 Achilles were too long and the 38 length was ok but too narrow, with my pinky toes getting smashed. What size should I go for in the Chelsea boots, or should I stay away altogether? I'm reading they're even more narrow than the Achilles?
@JohnElliot any word on Cast 2 restock? Looking for the spring wash in a 28.
that a u-neck Mr Buff?
Would like a charcoal or midnight flash dual zip
dammit. And I was walking by those 2 brick and mortars everyday when I was in Amsterdam too lol. Missed opportunity.
No idea. I even emailed ss and the reps don't even know. I bet that means it's going to be delayed again.
I am patiently waiting for the SF Suitsupply to open to buy a mtm suit. Prices start at $1049. However I just got back from Amsterdam and had a Suitsupply down the block from my hotel. I didn't even think to purchase a suit there. I went on their website and it shows prices start at €469 for a mtm which converts to $534! Did I royally screw up? Lol
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