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Anyone know where I can find some plain reigning champ or w+h sweatshirts on sale?
indigo stantons sz 27 unhemmed. Near perfect fit if you ask me
Looking for a new plain sweatshirt and w+h have been recommended. As opposed to a lot of ppl, I like my shirts on the shorter side. how do w+h sweatshirts fit?
i thought their sale started on Black Friday. missed out on the deals. I placed an order direct instead
Did Notre remove all their Rogue Territory stuff online?
Seems like everything is excluded.. Lol
1 cm? That's a negligible difference..
Are there any Black Friday deals for rgt stuff this year?
Apc doesn't make the PNS in raw black
The waist I can size down but the thighs are pretty damn tight already. Sizing down to a 26 in the Stantons takes off .5" in the thighs and might become too tight. Will the thighs also stretch considerably? 
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