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Any retailers going to be carrying the Thumper jacket? Size guide def doesn't work.
Prob only had a couple pieces per size lol.
When do the new season stuff usually arrive? Want to pick up some new Oxfords but the reviews for the current fit are horrible.
Cool read about upcoming season https://t.co/W7jICJCCO0
Are there any other casual shirts in the TS line that have a longer front hem? Or any plans for a longer front hem? The XS oxford fits me very good but I don't like how short the front is. Imo it throws the proportions off, especially in a shirt sized XS. Otherwise the fit is spot on for me.
Looks like a trucker jacket might be available in the season 7.5 drop
Do they wrinkle easily? Since they're linen?
Is there a noticeable difference in heel height between the achilles and bball? I like the sneaker look with a thicker sole.
Sz 28 5'5 138 lbs. I'm thinking maybe a 2" hem would do the trick and not mess with the fit. Going to be wearing these with sneakers mostly.
Opinions on fit? I'm probably too short to wear these cast 2 springs but wanted to see if I should leave them, hem them, or just ditch the jeans altogether.
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