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I'm loving the new fit of the Innovator pants by Express. It's their slimmest fit in their line of pants and they work well with my leg shape. However, these wrinkle a little too easily. I'm looking for some alternative pants that offer a similar fit. Any ideas? 
Forsome reason, I noticed in a lot of apc fit pics, the bottom rear pockets protrude and there is a little fold that forms in that area. The PNS pair that I have does the same thing
Looks fine to me. What height are you and what's your natural waist size?
Never go bootcut. Slim would be the best fit. Apc petit new standards are of high quality.
[/IMG][/IMg] Sized down 1 to 27
Are there any lighter alternatives to red wing boots? I like the classic style with the white sole but find that they're too heavy for my daily use.
Bout 5'5 138 lbs athletic/stocky build
In comparison to say, Naked and Famous or APC, how does Banana Republic selvedge denim fare? They're only slightly more expensive than the Unbranded selvedge denim. I know they're mass produced from a big box company and they don't specialize in denim, but wanted some feedback before I count em out.   http://bananarepublic.gap.com/browse/product.do?cid=91449&vid=1&pid=406308002#reviewSummaryAnchor
just bought a pair of Weird Guys in my natural waist size 28. They don't seem too tapered to me, and look kinda baggy from the knee down. The waist fits good but the calf area is too big. Any suggestions for a better fit?        
Looking for some fit advice. I'm a natural 28 and bought a pair of petit new standard in 28. I know you're supposed to size down but wanted to try them anyways. The waist is like an inch too big but the rest of the leg fits decent. It's as tight as I would want them to be. If I size down to 27, will they be noticeably smaller overall? Here are some fit pics. any current deals on the petit new standard in 27?
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