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Tapered my springs
I'm assuming that's the Uniqlo U bomber? It definitely has the traditional boxy cut. The mainline bomber is cut more slim.
Do they bogota jackets have that boxy slightly oversized classic bomber fit, or are they more slim fitting? From pics that appear slightly puffy.
Is it me or everything on the U line more relaxed than slim fitted? The pants, shirts and jackets look slightly oversized. I guess that's the trend for the new season
there was a fit pic on the prior pages. scroll back. the Uniqlo U's are puffier. just ordered a navy in xs. we'll see how it is. the red was unavailable from the get go.
edit * nm. I'll check em out locally. thx!
what kind of quality belt do you guys use with your denim? might pickup another to wear with my springs.
It's pretty dope, esp if you could get it for under retail. It's thin, but the goat leather is very unique. It fits slim though. I'm a S in everything JE and needed a M.
Anyone have the new nylon bombers that released overseas? How do they fit? Also is Uniqlo U the same as Lemaire? Edit nm I see a few posts on them. Guess I need to size an xs. 5'5 135lb
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