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Can anyone comment on APC jacket sizing? I'm interested in the new bomber jacket http://www.endclothing.com/us/brands/a-p-c/a-p-c-rudy-bomber-jacket-paaav-h02275-jac.html. I'm 5'5 135lbs and normally wear XS-S. I have short arms. I'm not sure if the small would be too tight in the chest area as I workout.
Weird. They still haven't received it in store yet. The delay is real.
So.. when are the green oxfords arriving in store?
JE styles are starting to remind me of the Yeezy line.. And prices.
Yea JE is heading in a new direction with a different customer base. All their new pieces (coats, outwear) are priced above what most ppl can afford. I also, won't be able to try out any of the new non basic pieces as I'm priced out. The brand still rocks though.
which taylor stitch buttons ups are the most fitted or have the most fitted arms? I have short arms so the arms of the chambray I bought are a bit billowy.
Looking at that jacket too. Are the alpha ma-1's really that warm? The website says it's rated for 25-40deg. That's basically freezing. I live in California so even my winters are usually only 50. Is this jacket not suitable for Cali weather?
When is the green button up releasing? Would like to pick up a 36.
Anyway to stretch the seat of some raws? My PNS seat is too narrow and it is uncomfortable in the butt area.
Thighs look super tight. Hopefully it's got some room.
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