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What is the true color of the co-mix alpine? I'm ordering from Revolve but the same co mix classic shirt on Roden is completely different. Which color is correct?   Revolve:               Roden:          Also, any suggestions on what color classic t-shirt to get next? I have a mix of black/grey/midnight villains/flashes/baselines and only have grey t-'s.
Dunno how much they stretch but 31 looks way better. 30 is too tight.
yes the villains are a staple. i like the ones with the black zippers. the less flashy the better. and plus they fit goat. not feeling any of the current oversized / raw edge hoodies (mainly because my body doesn't fit them lol)
ripped jeans in a Wall St office setting? I say nah, but if that's the image you're comfortable presenting to your coworkers and bosses then go for it. 
where to pickup a pair of acne thin stay cash in 28 besides direct? It's like $260 shipped in Cali and that's approaching JE. Would've picked up the Carbons from JE but they're not restocking. By the way, how do they fit compared to the Cast 2's? I still have a pair of Spring 28's I have yet to wear.
can't wait for the new flannels!
Selling a brand new with tags never worn hooded Villain in Midnight and Dark Grey, both size small. $155 ea
what kind of insoles are you guys throwing on top of your CP's for increased comfort? They're a little too long for me so I figure an insole would be a good idea.
you mean the 41 overshirt? I'm usually a S in JE, but the S in the 41 was fairly tight in the chest when buttoned. A lot of ppl said to size up on the snap flannels.
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