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What size pigtail did you go with? Are the sleeves really as long as pictured by the JE models? They're 6ft+ wearing a medium and the sleeves still look long. Are the cuffs tight enough to hold the stacks?
Looks dope. You go tts? Lookin to pickup the charcoal. Btw anyone know where I can find a S?
they will restock. Mike confirmed they are mainline items which restock periodically.
is it me or does this model have a freakishly long neck lol Anti expo
41 snap o/s over u-neck
Anyone know if the Acne Thin's are discontinued? 
not sure why someone even commented the flash dual is dead. it's as basic a zip up hoodie piece can be.
the dual flash? seems like a basic piece..
No Sz 28. And wanted a plain non washed pair to replace my acne thin's. hopefully these are plain but mr p's will do.
i spy plain black jeans! or Mr P's.. Auto cop regardless.
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