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Seems like everything is excluded.. Lol
1 cm? That's a negligible difference..
Are there any Black Friday deals for rgt stuff this year?
Apc doesn't make the PNS in raw black
The waist I can size down but the thighs are pretty damn tight already. Sizing down to a 26 in the Stantons takes off .5" in the thighs and might become too tight. Will the thighs also stretch considerably? 
Fit experts: I just received my pair of 27 stantons and 27 SK's. Which one is a better fit? I'm a natural 28" waist.    Stantons:               SK's:         Are these too tight? For some reason, the SK's have a larger waist where I can fit my hand down the back. I won't be able to size down to a 26 on them because the knees and calves are nearly skin tight already. The stantons have a little more room and are slightly more comfortable. I'm...
Just received my Petit Standards in the mail and realized I ordered the wrong cut. If anyone is interested in a brand new pair of raw black PS sz 27, lmk! Don't feel like paying return shipping overseas. Selling for under retail.
ive noticed in just about every fit pic, the wearer cuffs these jeans. were these made to be cuffed? I'm about to order a pair but won't cuff them due to having short legs
Are all rogue jeans 35"+ inseam? I like the look of the fit but I have short legs. I'll need to hem them to a 28" or so. Will that make the pants look out of proportion and boot cut like?
forgot to mention i have short legs at 5'4 so i'll need to hem the pants to about a 29". I heard some ppl saying the leg looks too wide after hemming.
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