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Sz 28 5'5 138 lbs. I'm thinking maybe a 2" hem would do the trick and not mess with the fit. Going to be wearing these with sneakers mostly.
Opinions on fit? I'm probably too short to wear these cast 2 springs but wanted to see if I should leave them, hem them, or just ditch the jeans altogether.
was debating between these and the spring, but ordered the spring for the stretch. is the coast wash soft? since it doesn't have stretch, do they feel rigid?
32 inch inseam? that's hardly cropped territory. wonder how these would look on non 6 footers
sick trucker!
To get the same fit as the villain, do you size down on the paneled crews? I'm a small in the villain and can't do the oversized look.
Anybody have a code that they won't use? I'm going to buy a pair of Cast 2's and a code would be so CLUTCH! 
Spring and odeon restocking Monday
Def not too short. Perfect fit for you bro. Just to be sure that's the spring wash with stretch right?
looks great on you. What's your height if you don't mind me asking?
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