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Fishtails aren't popular because they're not a basic piece you can put a lot of wear in.
Nah that'll never happen. I think it's a surprise drop.
Damnnn 13 years old let alone 16 years old wearing JE?? They're some lucky boys lol
Just curious.. How old are you and your son? You're a nice dad lol
What strap is that? Can it be shortened more than the oem 256 strap?
Wanted a few items but nothing in size small. hopefully there's a restock for the flash sale?
what happened to all the baseline hoodies? Would like to buy a Small
seems like the standard 20%
Saw that too.. but mesh though? Mesh doesn't seem practical for an "everyday" piece.
Don't think ppl should post external sales links outside of JE's website otherwise they will get shut
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