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There's currently a GMTO that's open until this week for split toe on the alcudia last
Is there a tell tale sign to distinguish between the 2? Thanks
Works for me
I'm open to other browns as well, but cognac/tan is too light for me. A lighter shade of museum calf (gold museum calf?), would also be ok with me. Thanks striker for all the help!
I am fine with any sole. A possible reason people prefer leather sole is one can always topy a leather sole, but can't go the other way around.Excited as well, these will be my first pair of carminas and skoak has been extremely responsive to any questions I had regarding sizing so glad to return the favor
Think we need to settle on a last still, I think alucidia might be a good option but am open to others. Here are some pics for comparison. Once we get a last settled and 6 confirmed, I think someone would have to contact skoak (@striker) Hopefully we can get this finalized before the upcoming price increase. http://www.skoaktiebolaget.se/pages/carmina-last-comparison http://www.thesimplyrefined.com/talk-last/
Any advice for Santoni sizing? The older threads I dug up usually people size 1/2 down.
Interested as well if I can figure out my carmina sizing as this would be my first pair. In AE park ave 8D I have some slight heel slippage, in EG 888 last 7.5UK/8D they started off very tight across the vamp but a little better after ~10 wears. I'm guessing 7uk or 7.5uk, but leaning towards 7uk as the correct size?
Can anyone comment on the suede quality of Enzo shoes? Thanks
I'm not sure what caused this but I have a couple of these lighter colored spots on my relatively new EGs. Its hard to see in this lighting but I tried my best to show, its right in the middle below the stitching. I tried cleaning with water and AE leather conditioner/cleaner but no luck. Any advice? Thanks!
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