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Interested as well if I can figure out my carmina sizing as this would be my first pair. In AE park ave 8D I have some slight heel slippage, in EG 888 last 7.5UK/8D they started off very tight across the vamp but a little better after ~10 wears. I'm guessing 7uk or 7.5uk, but leaning towards 7uk as the correct size?
Can anyone comment on the suede quality of Enzo shoes? Thanks
I'm not sure what caused this but I have a couple of these lighter colored spots on my relatively new EGs. Its hard to see in this lighting but I tried my best to show, its right in the middle below the stitching. I tried cleaning with water and AE leather conditioner/cleaner but no luck. Any advice? Thanks!
Got a new pair of cordovan boots on sale, but its hot and humid here until October or so. Any people rock boots during hot and humid summers?
From the first post in this thread, I thought these were Grenson Masterpiece (which is no longer being produced I believe). Although the script writing looks like the EG for RLPL in the first post as well...http://www.styleforum.net/t/147428/grenson-masterpiece-qualityOld thread for reference
I moved to Korea last year and brought a bunch of shoes over. I have a pair of shoes that are just too tight (bought online during a sale in the US so could not return). Any idea on how to go about trying to sell them here? That way I can justify buying another pair at Unipair...
Picked up the cordovan boots in 7uk. As stated by others, the boots are awesome! My first pair of cordovan shoewear, can't wait to try them out. Great service and great price
I bought these on sale as a beater shoe during winter poor weather - http://www.ebay.com/itm/MASSIMO-DUTTI-MAN-NAPPA-LEATHER-DRESSY-ANKLE-BOOTS-2115-022-ALL-SIZES-2015-/321674381087 what is nappa leather? is this corrected grain? any care tips or are these not even worth it? thanks!
Yeah, I was using too much Kiwi wax (as this was before I discovered styleforums). I've been able to get most of the brogue holes relatively clean with a toothpick + paper clip, but there are a few really troublesome holes (the brogue holes right next to the foot hole). I guess I'll have to find some Renomat and give it a try, if that doesn't work I guess there isn't much I can do about it
I have some brogues that have caked kiwi wax in the holes (mainly because I didn't really know what I was doing before discovering this thread), I have been using a wooden toothpicks dipped into some rubbing alcohol to try and remove. This has worked on some of the less troublesome brogue holes, but for the more troublesome holes it has been insufficient. Any ideas? I'm afraid of damaging the leather if I pick too hard...
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