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Yeah, I was using too much Kiwi wax (as this was before I discovered styleforums). I've been able to get most of the brogue holes relatively clean with a toothpick + paper clip, but there are a few really troublesome holes (the brogue holes right next to the foot hole). I guess I'll have to find some Renomat and give it a try, if that doesn't work I guess there isn't much I can do about it
I have some brogues that have caked kiwi wax in the holes (mainly because I didn't really know what I was doing before discovering this thread), I have been using a wooden toothpicks dipped into some rubbing alcohol to try and remove. This has worked on some of the less troublesome brogue holes, but for the more troublesome holes it has been insufficient. Any ideas? I'm afraid of damaging the leather if I pick too hard...
Does your in-house repair shop also do shoe shines and/or shoe stretching? I have a pair of shoes I brought over from the states that are a tad too small and can no longer return them. Thanks!
Are you saying the Meermins have more room in the toe-box than the Park Aves? This seems contrary to what you quoted from smoothmoose...
I'm planning to order a pair of the monkstraps in the hiro last but trying to figure out the sizing. My AE Park Avenue size is 8d, but depending on what socks I wear I have some slight heel slippage. I've tried 7.5D in the Park Avenue but then the toebox is too tight. I'm guessing 7UK would be my right Meermin size but wanted to get some input.
Is the forum special still available anywhere? If not, what are some of the recommended current sites to find the same or similar style? Thanks
Looking for a pair of nice dressier jeans. My waist is 32, inseam could be 32 or 34. Prefer something on the slimmer side (around slim jim or prps raw cut). Let me know if you guys have anything, thanks!
So the sale does apply to co-op as well? Anyone know if the denim will be on sale ie naked and famous? Thanks
Buyer fell through, back for sale!
Still available, these are great shoes you will not be disappointed!
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