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ugh, so pissed at myself for missing this, these are the shoes I've been looking for
  What are the added benefits? Also, when would the BBs be on-sale (I seem to recall that the corp sale last week didn't apply to them)?
  Really like the looks of that, now where to find one....
  Email and ask them what they have in a specific size(s), they'll get back to you pretty quickly with the database of seconds.
Any idea if Nordstrom will have AEs for cheap as part of their summer sale in a couple weeks?
Any idea if AE shoes will be a part of the summer Nordstrom sale in 2-3 weeks?
PM'd some general questions
Great, thanks for the advice. One last question - which brown model do you think I'd get the most wear out of to compliment my current black shoes? I will be wearing them mostly with suits daily to work, occasionally with khakis, and once in a blue moon with nice jeans. I'm leaning towards the Mcallister, but don't know if those are too casual for dark suits.
I stopped by an AE store in the local mall on Friday an tried on the Strands, and found that they run a little smaller than I'm used to wearing (the 9D fit well compared to a 9.5 in other shoes I wear). They didn't have the Mcallisters, but if they are on the same last I should be fine, no?   Do you think it's worthwhile for me to get seconds as my first pair? Are they generally pretty close in quality to firsts?
Hey guys, I've been lurking this thread, and interested in some feedback (posted my own thread too a couple days ago). I want to take the leap from J&M/CH to the next level of shoe, and AE seems like the best option. My finances aren't up to the level of my desire, however, so would seconds be worthwhile? I know they have the sale going on right now, and the shoe I want is likely either a McCallister or Strand in brown, is it worthwhile to just go for it, or should I...
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